Updated: Apple’s Store is down – Snow Leopard? iPod touch? tablet? Answer: Snow Leopard


Always happy news

It is Monday, not the strangest day for a release from Apple, but certainlky no Tuesday. In any case, the Store is down which can mean only one thing: a release. Whether it is Snow Leopard, an iPod touch, or something even less expected but more widelly rumoured — something perhaps like the Spanish Inquisition — no one is certain of which, but look for great things today.

Apple have updated the store to read that Snow Leopard will ship on 28 August (This Friday). I’ll be ordering my copy very soon. Again, Snow Leopard will be 29$ (USD) and invariably hiked at your non-US locale. About Snow Leopard.

Apple’s PR statement about Snow Leopard.

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iPod touch Camera – caught on camera…


According to Engadget, the elusive 3rd generation iPod touch has been caught on video. The culprit: Flickr user covinoandrich whose iPhone 3GS shot the entire shaky video! Perfectly timed, it is one of the best tease rumour tie-ins I have yet seen, catching Apple’s pre-launch preparations in full stride. What is especially especial about this video is that its source is an American, not a Chinese manufacturer or factory worker.

So, is this tremulous video, an account of the actual next iPod touch? Or, is it just a nice hack job put together to trick audiences? I am for the former, and the latter. The reason(s)? Why a mutilated iPod? If it was real, it would be oh so much more news worthy if the device was in use rather than being tossed about half-dissected. As it is, it looks like the remains of the hacking job. Also, if the unit is a prototype, how in the hell have scratches already appeared on the unit? It took mine a half-year to develop its first signs of ageing. Then again, I keep it in an iPod Sock. On the other hand, it coincides with earlier rumours spread from Chinese case manufacturers which place the camera in the top centre.

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Make way for the iProd!

Thanks Computerworld Blog

If you’ve had enough of hardware rumours, flip down the page to the Klipsch S4 Inner Earphone review. If not, stick this one in your tailpipe. Okay, so TMA have recycled the above rendering about 27,5 times now, but that doesn’t mean that this article isn’t exciting. The same ArtsTechnica who tossed a first-generation iPod nano around till it nearly died, have been alerted to a minute, yet weighty change in Apple’s latest USB configuration.plist – a change which designates the evolving of an interesting product, the iProd.

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3rd Gen iPod touch and 5th Gen Nano Cameras Revealed?


If this rumour can be believed, it is another cemented piece of evidence that the new iPod touch will receive a camera. This time, the evidence comes from pictures of what is purported to be new iPod cases from China. The pictures come from several case manufacturers.

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Next Gen iPod touch: camera and mic


Thanks Wired!

Dime a dozen rumours are again in full swing with this bout of conjecture pointing not to a next iPhone, but the next iPod touch. Wired.com evidently have special monkeys within the business who have sussed out the innards of the next iPod touch. It is only fair too that the iPod finally gets some speculative press after surviving in in the iPhone’s shadow for far too long.

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