New iPhone will sport a 4.6 inch retina display?

When it comes to rumours of an iPhone 5 (new iPhone?) with a larger display, we’ve all heard it before. While past reports have speculated on a 4-inch display, Reuters today is reporting that the next iPhone will have a 4.6-inch retina screen and be released within several months.

Apple Inc’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter, a South Korean media reported on Thursday.

Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

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Putting the i into the iPhone: Apple to internationalise 3G


Believe it or not, the iPhone isn’t yet international, at least not as quantified by the boundaries of 3G networks. Even in Canada –and for a variety of reasons including Bell’s CDMA network– the iPhone has been stuck with Robbers Rogers and garnered an unfair evaluation as expensive. Well, 5 November, things changed with Bell’s launch, if only a little. Not only has the tyranny of one been dropped from Canada (and ostensibly soon in the States) with the entry of a Bell-Telus partnership, but the next iPhone (don’t we love to hear about it?) may carry a multilingual Qualcomm 3G chip which will allow the spread of Jesus to all corners of the globe.

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Apple’s 2009 WWDC – Rundown of the Big Event (iPhone OS 3.0 – New iPhone 3GS)


Keep a look out here for major updates from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference as well as a final recap as the conference closes. Apple fans, iPhone devotees and the rest of you, it is WWDC time! If you are interested, take a look at the entire event over at Apple’s WWDC QuickTime page.


  • Major MacBook upgrades and Incremental MacBook Pro upgrades (all aluminium versions are now MacBook Pros)
  • Snow Leopard to be sold for only 29$ USD! Microsoft’s balls are in Apple’s court now – They cannot afford to price Windows 7 less than Windows Vista, so upgrading to the newest from Redmond will be very, very expensive in light of Apple’s supple and tidy OS.
  • iPhone 3G at 99$ (8GB), iPhone 3GS 199$ (16GB), iPhone 3GS 299$ (32GB)
  • Autofocus Camera @ 3 MegaPixels and new Camera software/10cm Macro
  • MMS
  • Digital Compass to work with Core Location
  • Turn by Turn Navigation and In-App Google Maps Support
  • Better Language Support
  • Find My iPhone for Mobile Me users
  • Tethering/HTML 5.0/OpenGL 2.0
  • Voice commands for phone and iPod functions
  • Landscape editing
  • Spotlight search for entire iPhone and all apps!
  • Better Battery (iPhone 3GS)
  • More Accessibility support
  • iPhone users can download movies straight from iTunes (unless your mum says now)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste for every app in the App Store and all Apple apps (2 years too late?)

Of course, we knew many of these functions as part of the OS 3.0 Sneak Peak back in March.

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(Updated) Thoughts on WWDC – Why Apple Have to Make 2009 Count


Today’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference 10 AM PST) will usher in a new wave of enthusiasm for Apple’s devices. Positive or not, charges will be set under both Apple’s faithful and its heretics alike. Last year saw the App Store’s maiden voyage and the launch of the iPhone 3G; 2008’s conference was one of the most historic and revolutionary events in Apple’s life. Now, with a mature Leopard in the innards of every Mac and the iDevice, they will need to do the impossible yet again: wow the ever-expectant crowd.

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Get Ready to Listen Upside-Down – 3rd iPhone Pictures leaked

What say ye, me luvies? 'Tis all bout the eadphone jack!

What say ye, me luvies? 'Tis all bout the eadphone jack!

Yup, that time again. Yup, will continue being that time until the device makes actual appearance at either WWDC or another event. Next year will be the same. Anyway, take a look above and tell us: what do you think of the iPod Touch-like bottom-mounted headphone jack? Personally, I love it. 

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Next iPhone Rumour Roundup – Excellent Blog post at the Green Room


If you hate reading and believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that pictures with words are worth even more, then this post from the Green Room is for you. With virtually every next iPhone rumour compiled in a nicely rendered map with full legend, this is the wrap-up you have been waiting for. Keep in mind that we will likely have more than enough of the Apple-juice come Monday’s WWDC, but in the meantime, this blog post is a great way to get through the day.

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In-Call MMS Patent Unearthed – iPhone P2P Looks Handy


If you haven’t time to read through the entire 19-page patent, let me outline it for you. A system called, “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications” will tentatively allow users to share different media whilst making telephone calls. Apple would accomplish this by enhancing the phone function in the iPhone with an ‘add media’ button. iPhone users could then share music files, video, images, voicemails, and podcasts with a tap.

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OS 3.0 To Get You Paid – Commission on App Recommendations to Hit iPhone’s Next $oftware Update?

iphone-3g-dollar-signThe iPhone has made a few people really rich and even fewer people filthy. If only we could all taste that freedom. According to an article at Business week, the end-user who recommends his/her apps to a friend might get a little something in return. While Apple aren’t unzipping their lips about this or other unannounced functions, there is a definite hoard of untapped features just waiting for devs, users and hopefully, hackers to discover.

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Updated: The 99 dollar iPhone – Video Chat – The Next Generation iPhone Rumours get Busy


All of a sudden, the iPhone, Mac computer and Snow Leopard rumours rampantly rise in a vortex created by the upcoming WWDC. Interestingly enough, in just a few weeks, they will no longer be rumours. Readers, rumour sites and the like will have to find something else to mill their busy brains about. For our part – we are no different – the iPhone, rumours and sneaky peaks are our lifeblood. 

(Update: as we know, the 8GB 3G iPhone was revealed at WWDC to be reduced in price to 99$ while the 3GS models at 16GB and 32GB apiece will go on sale at 199$ and 299$ 19 June)

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Next Gen iPhone Date and full Rumoured Spec List


TMA’s excitement over Apple’s rumoured new hardware knows no bounds. With the expectation of OS 3.0, Snow Leopard and a possible iPhone hardware announcement at WWDC, there is little to keep our feet on the ground. Last year’s update brought a sleeker design, better headphone support, a cleaner signal, better reception, OS 2.0 and the App Store, longer battery life among other features that have kept the iPhone 3G a beautiful contender in the handset race.

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