Next Gen iPhone confirmed?

Gizmodo’s Jason Chen has spent over a week playing around with a supposed prototype of the iPhone 4G/HD (yup, it was found in a bar in Redwood City) and he’s now all but certain that it is indeed the real deal. Unlike the 3G/3GS, this next gen iPhone has undergone quite the transformation. Here are some of the highlights of what’s different/new:

  • Front-facing video chat camera
  • Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
  • Camera flash
  • Higher res. display (960×460 – unconfirmed)
  • Split buttons for volume
  • Buttons (power, mute, volume) are all metallic
  • 3 grams heavier
  • 16% larger battery
  • Back of iPhone completely flat

Aside from the fact that the unit has the look and feel of a finished Apple product, Jason says that even iTunes and Xcode see this as an iPhone when connected (apparently, the phone can no longer be properly booted as Apple have disabled it remotely). If this is in fact the real iPhone 4G – and it does appear that’s the case – users should be in for a real treat come June/July. Personally, I’m digging the new design; the flat back looks sexy and the front-facing camera will definitely come in handy if video chat does make its debut in OS 4.0. Be sure to head on over to Giz for the complete rundown and video footage of the latest iPhone.

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Next iPhone Rumour Roundup – Excellent Blog post at the Green Room


If you hate reading and believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that pictures with words are worth even more, then this post from the Green Room is for you. With virtually every next iPhone rumour compiled in a nicely rendered map with full legend, this is the wrap-up you have been waiting for. Keep in mind that we will likely have more than enough of the Apple-juice come Monday’s WWDC, but in the meantime, this blog post is a great way to get through the day.

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In-Call MMS Patent Unearthed – iPhone P2P Looks Handy


If you haven’t time to read through the entire 19-page patent, let me outline it for you. A system called, “Methods and systems for mixing media with communications” will tentatively allow users to share different media whilst making telephone calls. Apple would accomplish this by enhancing the phone function in the iPhone with an ‘add media’ button. iPhone users could then share music files, video, images, voicemails, and podcasts with a tap.

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Next Gen iPhone Date and full Rumoured Spec List


TMA’s excitement over Apple’s rumoured new hardware knows no bounds. With the expectation of OS 3.0, Snow Leopard and a possible iPhone hardware announcement at WWDC, there is little to keep our feet on the ground. Last year’s update brought a sleeker design, better headphone support, a cleaner signal, better reception, OS 2.0 and the App Store, longer battery life among other features that have kept the iPhone 3G a beautiful contender in the handset race.

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Next iPhone Rumours Get Sharp, Really Sharp – HD on your iPhone


The HD iPhone has been added into the grind as rumour mills expect new Apple mobile hardware in the next few months. According to Phonenews, Apple are clawing in their current generation iDevice-compatible AV cable accessories. Vendors are asked to liquidate Apple’s shitty shifty prior iDevice AV cables that harbour encryption chips which as of OS 2.0, disallow cheaper 3rd party options. The new cables are purported to allow both composite and component outputs which older versions did not.
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