10 New App Store Games To Watch [February 4 – 10]


One of my favorite titles released this week is actually a fairly straightforward port of an almost 15 year old game.  Metal Slug 2 hit the App Store with guns blazing, and just like its predecessor proved that you don’t need 3D to enjoy lots of things blowing up.  The action is intense, the visuals are quite detailed and turning into a zombie temporarily never gets old.  For the puzzle aficionados we have Stick To It!, a game about knowing when to hold it and when to let go.  Instead of swiping or launching or otherwise interacting to get your character from point A to its mother’s arms you simply touch the screen to make him stick and let go to let him roll.  If you prefer your action in the sky instead of on the ground you should give After Burner Climax a try.  This is a port of a 2006 game whose roots go back to the late 1980’s, and gives you the chance to pilot one of three sleek jets as you take on tons of enemies across more than 20 different landscapes.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [January 28 – February 3]


Chillingo’s Pixel People

It’s that time again.  Actually, 2013 is going to be a big year for Tin Man Games, and they’re kicking it off with the release of Fighting Fantasy: House Of Hell, the next in their line of Fighting Fantasy adventures.  This one takes place in a creepy mansion and in addition to all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect adds the element of fear to keep you on your toes (literally, it’s a new skill that gets tracked).  Racing fans that like something besides the traditional Daytona type fare should check out Table Top Racing.  This over the top racer actually takes the micro machines approach to the genre with 8 tracks, 10 different cars to unlock and upgrade and several multi-player options.  If you’re looking for some lite strategy Monsterra could be just the game for you.  The rules are simple, individual games go quite quickly and you can either play against the computer or another player depending on your preferences.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Janurary 21 – 27]


If you know who you’re going to call, raise your hand.  That’s right, the Ghostbusters are back for their third adventure on iOS devices, and this time around the story actually unfolds based off of events from the first film in the franchise.  The plus side is that the game has a lot of potential, but on the other hand it could turn into a grinding IAP fest.  Speaking of grinding fests, if you’re a Diablo fan Dungeon Lore could be of interest to you.  This quest based crawler offers class-less leveling, plenty to do and elementals to fight at your side.  The real question is how turn based combat will affect the flow of the game.  If you want a game you know will always be full of energy, check out Cracking Sands from Polarbit.  This title is their attempt at a Mario Kart style game, and from everything I’ve seen so far it might just make iOS gamers go “Mario who?”

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [January 14 – 20]


Well we’re finally starting to get some winter where I live, and in what can only be described as a coincidence the App Store is starting to feel a bit like Christmas again (the before part, not the few days when it’s closed).  Foursaken Media has released a new game called Heroes and Castles that sounds like a real time castle defense game where you also get to directly control one of the forces that protect your castle.  You can even join a friend to double the havoc you’ll cause.  If you’d prefer something a little more lighthearted you might consider taking Momonga Pinball Adventures for a spin.  This combination action game and pinball simulation has cute characters, cool 3D graphics and actually makes the concept of handheld pinball interesting… at least to me.  And of course the die hard Temple Run fans can breathe deeply now, as the long awaited sequel to this classic is finally out. Temple Run 2 is bigger, flashier, and just as addictive as the original.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [January 7 – 13]


It seems that we’re still easing into the new year as far as iOS gaming is concerned, but like last week I managed to dig up some titles that sounded interesting and several that I played that turned out to be quite fun.  A couple of ex-Rovio staff has started to do their own thing with their premiere title Noble Nutlings.  It’s a physics time trial game with a customizable cart and squirrels, so what are you waiting for?  If you need an action / RPG fix Gamevil has treated us to another installment in the popular and long running Zenonia saga, Zenonia 5.  It seems that they keep upping the ante with each new tale in the franchise, and I don’t think long time fans or newcomers will be disappointed.  If you prefer a simpler dungeon crawling affair you might want to give Dungelot a try.  It’s easy to get into, tough to put down and has a nice coat of slick graphics to seal the deal.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [December 31 – January 6]


Christmas is over, both seasonally and in terms of the deluge of first rate titles hitting the App Store.  There were still quite a few new games worth noting, however, including the cute infinite rafter Catch The Ark released by Chillingo.  In addition to dodging rocks and various aggressive creatures you’ll need to be wary of the Ark dropping depth charges at you.  The folks behind the Reckless Racing games are back with Repulze, a futuristic racer that looks more “standard” than their previous efforts.  That doesn’t mean it won’t have the “wild and crazy” flair of their other games, however, and they are already working on a couple of content packs that sound interesting.  Adventure game fans should check out Spooky Manor, the latest effort from the developers at Digi-chain.  While probably more Scooby Doo that Forever Lost in atmosphere, past experience says there will be plenty of puzzles to solve.

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Games To Make Your New Year Bright [December 17 – 30]


Hope you all had a happy New Year.  Since Christmas obligations kept me from writing a roundup last week I thought I’d do my best to give you a double dose of gaming goodness this week.  After being relatively quiet for a while Digital Chocolate is back with what looks to be a real time strategy game called Army Attack.  It’s free with IAP options, and it also requires an internet connection in order to be able to play.  Stone Blade Entertainment released SolForge, a demo of a new trading card game coming from the creators of Magic The Gathering.  The current offering is an offline pass and play experience only, but given the pedigree I would expect some pretty good things to come.  And of course you should check out the extras at the bottom of this post.  Now on to the main attraction…

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [December 10 – 16]


Wow.  I was afraid my last roundup was an accident and that there wasn’t going to be much to write about this week.  Instead I think I might have had more options to choose from!  That being the case I’ll mention a couple of games that didn’t make the main list, starting with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.  It’s got a weird name, it’s a rhythm based Final Fantasy, and it could quite possibly have the most IAP of any of their games to date.  One Million Monkeys is more than a word game, it’s actually a story creation game.  It sounds like it takes Mad Libbing to the next level, and it might even get this stubborn game playing loner to engage in a more social multi-player experience.  Monsters, Inc. Run takes one of the best Pixar films and fuses it with one of my favorite genres, the infinite runner.  I don’t know if it adds anything new to the mix or not, but when you combine two of my favorite things I have to give it a shout out.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [December 3 – 9]

If this past week was any indication of the season as a whole, iOS gamers are going to have a good Christmas this year.  There were actually quite a few high profile games (or games that became high profile because of the forum chatter surrounding them), so I’m going to try and mention a few other games in their stead.  However, I will acknowledge that this week saw the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, another installment in what is possibly the most popular “bad boy” series in interactive entertainment.  If that’s not your style there’s also an enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate, an extremely popular PC RPG.  The game includes a new adventure and several new characters and weighs in at 80  hours of game play.  Finally, Bulkypix has released Pendulo Studios’ third iOS port called Hollywood Monsters, which like their first iOS release is a port of a classic style point and click adventure game.  It looks to have all the polish of their first effort Yesterday but a much lighter tone.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [November 26 – December 2]

This was a great week for iOS gaming.  Other than the fact that I wouldn’t have time to finish it, I could have easily doubled the number of entries in this week’s roundup.  To start things off we have SEGA’s iOS port of Jet Set Radio.  All the skating, graffiti spraying and cop avoidance is there, along with 29 of the 30 original musical tracks from the Dreamcast version.  The next installment of the Chop Chop franchise is now available with the release of Chop Chop Ninja World.  I’d venture to say this is Gamerizon’s most ambitious title yet, and it seems like it might be one of the most enjoyable as well.  If you just can’t get your fill of zombies but are tired of simply shooting them all the time, Activision’s The Bowling Dead might just be for you.  Pick up a bowling ball (with assorted upgrades when available) mow down an alley full of the undead, and enjoy a humorous tale of post-apocalyptic strikes and spares.

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