The Red Carpet offers 1 Million Dollars for sussing the Oscars

Evidently, the Oscars are coming up – who’d have thunk? Aside from the expected excitement generated from the Bite Interactive’s cool new contest, The Red Carpet itself is a classy app for Oscar fans featuring: film scoops, previews, reviews, film tracker and Netflix. If you consider yourself a movie junkie who might just need 1 000 000 dollars, then download this 2.99$ app and get guessing. If you can suss all 24 winners, then, well…

… could be yours!

The Red Carpet Bite Interactive, The Red Carpet – $2.99

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Brothers in Arms® 2: Global Front – Assaulting the App Store’s front line

Brothers in Arms® is quite a franchise: guns, explosions, graphics and lots ‘n lots of murder. Action gamers have the following to say about Gameloft’s newest game: “Omg”, “I was the first one to buy it”, “Beastly”, and a lot more. Essentially, Gameloft took the roof off their successful series, smashed in loads of graphical detail and polish for a better looking, bigger game than the first Brothers in Arms game.

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front Gameloft, Brothers in Arms® 2: Global Front, $7.99

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App Store Boner? a Hands Heater – a bomb in your pocket

Back when the iDevice got hot’n bothered with the opening of the App Store, there was no shortage of flashlight apps. The new genre of utility illuminated keyholes, brightened up bedroom ceilings, and drained iDevice batteries. a Hands Heater is worse. If it does work, it must keep the iDevice CPU busy – very busy. Typical 3D-heavy games barely rise the iDevice’s temp, but they cannot defrost fingers. In order for a Hands Heater to really do its job, it has to do a LOT more than a graphics-heavy game. And, in order for it to take effect, it needs two things: time and battery, both of which it will drain faster than any other ‘utility’.

A trip to its iTunes page reveals that most if not ALL of its 5-star ratings are shill accounts. Partisan reviews at the App Store are still a cancer on the market and a sad indication of how Apple don’t get it. Sure, shut down sexually titled apps like iWobble, but let shilling run rampant in market. That’s the App Store I’m proud of!

a Hands Heater Dworld Services, a Hands Heater, $0.99

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Jailbreaker – classic? controversial name. game.

To be sure, Jailbreaking is illegal. No, not the sort we talk about here – the other type – you know, that sort which has you busting out of lead-laced walls, jumping buzz saws, stealing smokes, and riffraffing around – that sort is illegal. Jailbreaker by Triniti Interactive Limited is just a violent flash-turned-iPhone game. But, the conspiracist in me tends to think of it as a message – Jailbreaking is dangerous – you might lose your neck to a buzz saw. We will see.

Jailbreaker Triniti Interactive Limited, Jailbreaker – $0.99

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WeeMee Avatar Creator – say goodbye to kites and frogs

Is this app as cool-looking as paintingWalls? Hard to say. But after a little tinkering around WeeWorld’s virtual styling app, your avatar will look cooler than any mauve wall will. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts thousands of creative points in your hand to tailor that special MiniYou. You can view, export, and edit WeeMee’s at any time and even integrate them into your device’s address book for fun, cartoony calls.

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

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paintingWalls with Enginy – for those ‘mauve or yellow?’ moments

Enginy Studios have it right – make an app which allows you to argue with your wife before ruining the house with hundreds of dollars of polka dot paint. A few taps of the finger and some twirls later, and paintingWalls will have your walls, ceilings, and even skylights pretty in pink (or blue, or mauve, etc.): magical, but not _that_ magical. paintingWalls requires you first to take photos of your rooms. Then you can splash virtual colour around. And when shade vacillation strikes, paintingWalls allows you to add virtual lighting for that extra touch of home. It all comes packaged in a pretty easy to use interface replete with save, email, Facebook, Twitter functions, a comparator engine, and more.

paintingWalls Enginy Studios, paintingWalls – $0.99

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Heavy Gunner 3D – Lock, load, and unleash hell!

Heavy Gunner 3D is out and serving up 3D action for alien-blasting fans. The action takes place in a cockpit behind dual turrets. Com2uS paid special attention to making killing alien scum fun and intuitive, so apart from pretty nice graphics, Heavy Gunner has a lot of great upgrades and a pretty solid control scheme to recommend it other than its dubbing as ‘Matrix Revolution gunning’ for the iDevice. TouchMyApps will be looking at it later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our trigger-friendly review. Till then, feel free to discuss Heavy Gunner 3D in our forums.


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Meebo meet iPhone; iPhone, chat away!

Meebo is a great HTML interface for a load of messaging clients, and is absolutely necessary to circumvent job security and productivity in workplaces which ban instant messaging. It’s been available via HTML since 2005, buffing a few reasons I love the web, and now, in 2010, it comes to the iPhone as a native app. Right, so a native app isn’t as stick-it-to-the-man as is HTML, but hokt damn, it’s Meebo! It still supports: AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, MSN / Windows Live, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ networks, and thankfully, stays free. Thanks Meebo!

Meebo Meebo, Inc., Meebo – Free

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App Store Boner? Battery Boost Pro – 1 dolla make you holla is a great resource for all of Apple’s products, especially the iPod touch and iPhone. You can find helpful information on all of the following: battery, syncing, wifi, iTunes accounts, and much, much more. But, if you don’t want to spend a few minutes browsing the great, free online resource, you can spend a dollar for Battery Boost Pro. The app features the following: a few tips which can be had for free. It doesn’t boost the iDevice’s battery. It doesn’t touch the firmware to make necessary changes. It is a quick read which costs as much as many of the App Store’s most popular games and apps, has all the functionality of a minute’s read. It is false advertising hidden behind the review process and sadly, is an often-caught bug at the App Store.

If you want to try it out for yourself, go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Fortunately, there is a free version as well. Be warned, the app will go up to 1.99$ after its introduction time is over.

Battery Boost Pro Appventions, Battery Boost Pro – $0.99 (Soon to go up to $1.99)

Battery Boost Appventions, Battery Boost – Free

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Full Count – Baseball pitchers, not beer pitchers

When I read the words, ‘Full Count’, I thought beer. Then, when in the next sentence, pitchers performance slid in, my beer gut got excited. Well, Full Count isn’t a beer app. Nope. It is an app to help coaches and parents with the little league, and I think that means baseball. A pitcher is that little tyke who throws a ball. S/he is also the poor sod whose performance numbers Full Count tracks. This pitching app helps track performance for an inning, game, or season so you can track the usefulness of training regimens.

FullCount MacWoodworking LLC, FullCount – $2.99

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