Need For Speed Undercover in Review – Living the Life of a Criminal with a Badge

Having my life’s story turned into a Major Motion Picture Franchise about the world of street racing, that series being The Fast & The Furious, and having aspects of my life played by both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, gives me greater insight into how a racing experience should feel when its brought to the small screen of your iDevice.

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Need for Speed: Undercover – Internet’s screenies populating

needforspeed2 needforspeed1

Everyone and their mother is aware that Need for Speed:  Undercover is coming soon to the iPhone platform and that release is ~about~ a month away.  It looks fab and knowing EA – their flagship racer will not be put too early to the App Store and in no way will they let it fall behind the competition.  It will be the new Messiah App for the iPhone – or it will be the last straw.  There is much hope riding on this app that has until now been the recipient of a mishmash of reviews that are not inspiring the greatest of confidence in fans for the iPhone version.  

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