Follow NCAA tournament on your iDevice with March Madness LIVE app

The first round of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament begins tonight (between the 12th – 16th seeded teams) and if you’re a college hoops fan, the official NCAA March Madness Live app is definitely for you. March Madness Live lets you follow all 67 games in the tournament, giving you up-to-the-minute player/team stats, along with live radio and video feeds to the games. Unlike last year though, NCAA now charges $3.99 for live video streaming to your web browser, iDevices and other smartphones. So if you want to enjoy the road to the Final Four on your iPhone or iPad, you can enable video streaming with an in-app purchase. It should also be noted that this feature is only available to those residing in the US.

NCAA® March Madness Live NCAA Digital, NCAA® March Madness Live, – Free

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