MobileNavigator North America in Review- Navigates to the first spot on my SpringBoard

When the iPhone was first released, there were no GPS apps at the AppStore. The closest thing to a true GPS on the iDevice was the included Google Maps app, unlike its cousin on the Droid, isn’t a real GPS. However, after the release of Navigon/MobileNavigator, things started to change. Four months and a few major updates later, Navigon has proven itself worthy of taking on the role as a complete GPS device replacement and now sits pretty atop my springboard.

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Navigon’s MobileNavigator – hops the pond to North America

AppRelease-NavigonMobileNavigator-01 AppRelease-NavigonMobileNavigator-02

Navigon, a well-known navigation company from Hamburg have augmented North American iPods with the App Store’s first professional GPS system. The app promises to turn your iPhone into a ‘first-rate navigation system’ – a promise that we have heard before. This time however, Navigon’s professional experience and overall polish are swaying the majority of App Store users. There are a few problems, but as a first release on this side of the Atlantic, a little culture shock is to be expected. MobileNavigator is a whopping 1,29 GB, so it may be time to pair down your music library, saying adieu to Michael Jackson once and for all.

Navigon AG, MobileNavigator North America, 69.99$, 1,29 GB – North American version
MobileNavigator North America

Navigon AG, MobileNavigator Europe, 139.99$, 1,65 GB – European Version
MobileNavigator Europe

There are a couple of good videos showing MobileNavigator in action – check them out after the jump.

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