Dragon Portals in Review – Does this Dragon deliver the goods?


I was very anxious to play Dragon Portals when I realized it came from the same makers of the superb Azkend, hopeful that it would capture some of that same magic. It wants to be as good, and in some ways it at least tries to come close, but ultimately there are a number of things that keep it from reaching that same level.

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Azkend in Review – Puzzling At Its Very Best + 1 Promo Code

azkend-1I’m not sure I’d consider myself a big puzzle gamer. Oh sure, I played Tetris on the original NES and owned it in various forms over the years. I suppose that I’ve also played plenty of addictive but not particularly deep ‘puzzle-like’ games on the Atari 2600. But I feel like my gaming renaissance came with Puzzle Quest on the Nintendo DS around two years ago. With the addition of story to a well presented puzzle game, I was in gaming nirvana. I’ve been searching for a follow up, and almost found it in Aurora Feint, but to put it in baseball terms, that game was like a triple. Azkend is a homerun.

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