MyST 1866 Wireless DAC and headphone amp for your iPhone

Last month, Musica Acoustics had me photograph their new MyST 1866, a portable DAC unit from MyCroft that Dimitri was very excited about. The lad is almost always lost for words about cool new things, so I patted him on the shoulder and took the unit to my office. I shot the thing. I turned it on and off. I listened to it. Then I emailed Dimitri and threatened a review.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Mark DeForest from Cyan Worlds – Immersing you even more by letting you touch the game

If you were in any way connected or even remotely familiar with the video gaming industry in the 90’s, you couldn’t have missed Myst (TMA Review). This bestselling game of all time (at least until the dreaded ‘The Sims’ came along in 2002) has seen a superb re-release on the iOS about a year and a half ago and nabbed a special mention in our The App Store’s Best Adventure. And with the recent release of the Riven: The Sequel to Myst (TMA Review) I personally couldn’t pass up the unique opportunity to interview one of the leading minds behind the scenes – Mark DeForest, the CTO of Cyan Worlds.

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Myst Promo Code giveaway! (Closed)

review-myst-mainTouchMyApps is giving away 2 copies of Myst [our review], a graphic adventure game that hardly needs an introduction and one that has been a best seller on numerous gaming platforms. With its release on the iDevice, fans of the much beloved title are finally able take in the full Myst experience on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The original Myst sights and sounds have been meticulously re-assembled for a remarkable experience on the iPhone and iPod touch. Everything that you remember from the original Myst in a format where a simple touch or swipe moves you through the world.

If you have yet to try out Cyan Worlds’ great port of Myst on the iPhone, they have released a FREE version that includes the entire first world for you to play through. To win one of two copies, check out the simple contest details after the break!

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Myst in Review – The legendary island comes to Jesus


Myst is a legend in its own right. When it originally appeared on the Mac back in 1993 (one of the few games which originated on this platform), it was an instant hit and the main spark behind CD-ROM drive sales. The game had the unique ability to immerse the players in the empty, beautiful and mysterious world of the game. And now you can experience the legend on the king of handheld gaming platforms, the iPhone!

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