Thumpies in Review – Likably Offbeat

The name “Thumpies” evokes cotton candy clouds and fluffy balls of fun. When I was asked to review it, I imagined a procession of cute little creatures (bunnies, emoticons, you name it) drenched in the colours of the rainbow, and musical notes floating around them. When I finally got my hands on Thumpies, however, what caught my attention is the opening hysterical little laugh that you’ll hear all through out the game. It’s the kind of insane little laugh that burrows itself in the back of your head, and worse, invade your nightmares. That’s not all, though: the Thumpies I had in mind were not the creepy little bouncing heads that look like they were part of a head hunter’s collection. Feel free to discuss this review of Thumpies in our forums.

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DJ Anywhere with Cue.Play.DJ. – World Class Digital DJing for the iPhone

Osaka, Japan – Capsulated Software Ltd., today announces the availability of Cue.Play.DJ. 1.0, the most advanced digital DJing solution ever created for the iPhone OS platform. CUE.PLAY.DJ has the needs of existing DJs in mind, offering a familiar interface and feature-set comparable to existing desktop digital DJ solutions costing hundreds of dollars, while sporting a $9.99 price point that lowers the barrier of entry to anyone seeking to become a real DJ. Created with feedback from superstar DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten, April will see Capsulated and Ferry launch a worldwide promotional campaign centered around his weekly radio show, Corsten’s Countdown, and the newly launched podcast of this show.

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The day the music died – Apple pressure labels to drop Amazon’s Daily Deals

When the iPod arrived on the scene in 2001, it lacked the iTunes store. Of course, users could rip their own CD’s or download from various file-sharing sites. Other options existed, but none ubiquitously had parity with online piracy. Then in 2003, the iTunes music store opened offering tracks in Apple’s locked-down FairPlay version of AAC. Ascribe what you will to the quality of the tracks and selection; snub your nose at those days all you want – in 2007, Apple dropped DRM from its music, raised compression quality, and garnered a fuzzy Samaratin aura from its fans: good news. But while iTunes in many ways forged a new, prosperous path for online music sales, it devolved into a hedged-in business which is first and foremost, looking out for its own. Amazon’s music store is Apple’s primary competition and the two have been playing cats’n mice in each other’s back yards for many years, taking advantage of proprietary market advantages. One such is Amazon’s Daily Deals MP3 sales which allow the online retail giant exclusivity on all Daily Deal sales for 24 hours. Apple won’t have it, however.

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SynthProbe in Review – gravitational music creation

Following the creative success of GravSynth, Kayac have levelled up their iDevice skills with SynthProbe. Like its precursor, SynthProbe still amalgamates music and gravity, but SynthProbe adds many finger-friendly options that weren’t previously available for synthesiser fans. The effect? A more complete, if meticulous experience.

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Profiting from Piracy – Tap Tap’s Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge is an addictive music game which appeals to all ages and players. No wonder it has been pirated nearly as much as it has been legitimately downloaded. But rather than sitting on their collective thumbs, Tapulous infused Tap Tap with a little wonder called in-app purchasing. Pirates too can enjoy padding dev’s pockets by buying virtual goods and songs in-app. OS 3.0 brought with it myriad new features, but this in-app purchasing alone may help devs recoup some of the losses incurred from rampant iPhone piracy.

If you care to see what all the fuss is about, try out one of Tapulous’ exciting Tap Tap games:

Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 – $0.99

Tap Tap Revenge Classic (paid version) Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge Classic (paid version) – $0.99

Tap Tap Revenge 3 Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge 3 – Free

Tap Tap Coldplay 1.1 - 13 Tracks Tapulous, Tap Tap Coldplay 1.1 – 13 Tracks – $4.99

Lady Gaga Revenge Tapulous, Lady Gaga Revenge – $4.99

Nine Inch Nails Revenge Tapulous, Nine Inch Nails Revenge – $4.99

Metallica Revenge Tapulous, Metallica Revenge – $4.99

Dave Matthews Band Revenge Tapulous, Dave Matthews Band Revenge – $4.99

Christmas With Weezer Tapulous, Christmas With Weezer – $4.99

More after the gap:

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2010 Winter Olympic theme song another gold for sound engineer and TMA friend, Stephen Heidinga

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are still a few weeks off, but Canadian recording engineer and long-time TMA buddy (though I prefer to call him ‘mate’), Stephen Heidinga is already pushing for gold. Musician Stephan Moccio’sI Believe‘, is sung by Nikki Yanofsky and has exploded all over the CTV and Canada’s largest news organisations. But TouchMyApp’s centrefold is Stephen Heidinga, the talented and kind long-time friend of TouchMyApps’ founders.

Humbly surprised, the 190cm giant says: “I could never have expected this. The craziest part is that I’m JUST 2 years out of school and I’ve been a part of two gold records and now the Olympic theme song.”

The two gold records now under his belt are:

Annie Villeneuve - Annie Villeneuve Annie Villeneuve – Annie Villeneuve, 9.99$

The Canadian Tenors - The Perfect Gift The Canadian Tenors – The Perfect Gift, 10.99$

Congrats Stephen and Go Canada! Of course, for you Olympic sporting buffs, a post like this isn’t complete without an app: Winter Olympics – Vancouver 2010. CXI Gaming’s app is an up-to-date news app which is 100% made in Canada.

Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 CXI Gaming, Winter Olympics – Vancouver 2010 – $1.99

You can follow Stephen’s work on Twitter @svenheidinga or his webpage: POPULARWAR.

Interview with TapTunes’ author: Dave Blundell

At the end of 2009, I was caught listening different. TapTunes had me shuffling albums in new ways and enjoying the cleverness of my index finger whilst bopping out to Ice Cube. Its author, Dave Blundell was kind enough to shed light on his vision of the iDevice, the App Store, and a lot more goodness.

TapTunes v2.3 David Blundell, TapTunes v2.3 – $1.99

All the goodness after the gap:

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TapTunes in Review – Coverflow perfected

If you have an iPhone, you are probably familiar with the app called iPod and if you have an iPod touch, Music. And if neither is good enough for your tailored preferences, David Blundell has created a great front end for Apple’s apps called TapTunes. For 1.99$, it allows you to search, play and shuffle in ways which haven’t been possible before all while discovering albums you forgot you had!

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Beat It! In Review – Tap dance like a monkey

review-beat-it3Beat It! is a beat-matching game for iDevices available at an App Store near you. Developed by Glu, this game has quickly risen through the ranks to be one of the most downloaded games as of this writing, and it’s easy to see why. Beat It!’s mix of music game, puzzle solving, and the bright 8-bit style visuals sets this game apart from anything else I have played on the iPhone.

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DopplerPad in Review – iDevice music creation squared


According to Retryonyms website, DopplerPad is an expressive touch instrument designed exclusively for iPhone & iPod Touch. Experienced electronic music creators will recognize this as the iPhone version of a Kaossilator. Whatever you call it, Dopplerpad is one of the most fun and useful music apps available on any mobile device, and at only $10, a much better introduction into electronical music and sequencing than $100+ equipment such as the Kaossilator.

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