iPhone OS 4.0 to bring Multitasking

After months of rumors and insider info floating around the web, it’s now official: Multitasking will be coming to iPhone OS 4.0. While it shouldn’t come as  a surprise, it is still a relief to finally hear it from the man himself. To quote Jobs, “Now we weren’t the first to this party, but we’re gonna be the best. Just like cut and paste”. Damn right!

With multitasking, users will now be able to keep multiple apps running in the background. Want to listen to music while you receive turn-by-turn instructions from your GPS app? Done. Or what receiving a skype call WHILE you’re playing your favorite game? Check that too.

To switch between apps, you simply double click on the Home Button, which will then bring up a dock-like menu displaying apps that are running. You can scroll through the list, pressumably by sliding it left or right. And to combat potential battery and performance issues, Apple are providing 7 mulitasking services as APIs to developers. They’ll come in the form of:

  • Background Audio
  • Voice over IP
  • Background Location
  • Push Notifications
  • Local Notifications
  • Task Completion
  • Fast app switching

Unfortunately, it appears that iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users will not reap the fruits of multitasking from OS 4.0. It’s likely that the “dated” hardware will not keep up with all the sweet action under the hood. Jobs did say that older iDevices (such as the 3G) will run many things on 4.0, just not multiple apps in the background. So for all those who yearn multitasking, will it be enough to upgrade to a 3GS, iPod Touch 3G or even the upcoming iPhone 4G?

iPhone OS 4.0 to include over 100 new features

Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 event is on the verge of wrapping up and Jobs delivered plenty of good news for iPhone users. Over 100 new features will be included in the upcoming OS, some of which will likely change the way you currently interact with your phone. The major highlights include: Multitasking (finally!), the ability to create folders for your apps/games, iBooks for iPhone and iPod Touch, enhanced mail (all your mail will be in one inbox), the launch of Apple’s own version of Xbox Live (dubbed Game Center) and much much more. Here are some of the other more noteworthy 4.0 features and enhancements :

  • Playlist Creation
  • 5x digital zoom
  • tap to focus on video
  • Gifting of apps
  • Change the homescreen wallpaper
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • Search SMS/MMS messages
  • iPod out
  • Websearch suggestions
  • Birthday Calendar
  • Choose Image Size in mail mesages

There is certainly a tonne of stuff to digest from the 4.0 event. Not only will we be seeing multitasking and folder support this summer, but it seems 4.0 is ready to take the iPhone to the next level. So, is OS 4.0 pretty much what you expected?

Multitasking on iPhone 4.0 via Expose like Interface

Multitasking: Public Enemy #1 on PleaseFixTheiPhone.com

With Copy and Paste and MMS Support now out of the way, Multitasking on the iPhone (non-jailbroken) remains one of the most sought after and desirable features for the next major OS update. While it has been rumored that OS 4.0 will implement some form of multitasking, AppleInsider has just reported that the 4.0 software will indeed allow 3rd party apps to run in the background. To switch between apps, users will experience something similar to Mac OS X’s Expose interface:

Those familiar with the design of iPhone 4.0 said that the user interface will resemble Apple’s desktop Expose feature, in that a key combination — reportedly hitting the Home button twice — will trigger an expose-like interface that brings up a series of icons representing the currently running apps, allowing users to quickly select the one they want to switch to directly. When a selection is made, the iPhone OS zooms out of the Expose task manager and transitions to that app.

When Multitasking does come to fruition for the iPhone, users will no longer have to complain about lagging behind other smart phones that DO support it. So, will Apple eventually cave in and allow for flash on the iDevice? Only time will tell.