Soft-Core Porn for Your 12-Year Old – Pocket Girls


Krapps have an entire webpage dedicated to outing the naughty, crude, sloppy apps and Apple’s misfires. Every once in a while, TMA spots something ‘funny’ at the App Store. This time, that something comes in the shape of Pocket Girls, an app that is probably the most pornographic and blatantly exploitive at the App Store.¬†Downloading Pocket Girls is contingent on several facts: you must own an iDevice, a credit card and you must be 12 years old. These ‘infrequent[ly]’ sexually aimed pictures depict girls in poses that are only seen in peep shows and pornographic material. Apple have approved it rather quickly without finding much out about the dev, MSHOT, who if anything, are hard on about sexual exploitation. That said, Pocket Girls is the first, and most memorable among App Store soft-core porn apps.

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