Ultimate Movie Buff In Review – Cinematic Trivia Excellence

I would consider myself to be a fairly big movie fan. I’m pretty much willing to go see anything. As a result I would also consider myself to be a fairly learned person when it comes to movie trivia. Usually this would only come in handy during portions of trivia games, not any longer though. The developers at Super Monko Studio have just what I need in their app Ultimate Movie Buff. A movie specific trivia game aimed at answering the pressing question “Are you a movie buff?”. Read on to find out how I did.

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From the iPod Screen to the Big Screen – Cory Doctorow’s ‘Little Brother’ Option Sold to Don Murphy

news-littlebrother-bigscreenI will not camouflage the process in which I discovered Cory Doctorow‘s books. Unfortunately, it was nothing so romantic as stealing into a used book shop and thumbing through bins of old books only to discover an interesting cover. eReader’s initial pre-App Store, Jailbreak-only release got me browsing its online shelves for good science fiction in late 2007 and early 2008 – that is where I discovered Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

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Star Trek Movie – Boldly Going Down that Lane Again


My love affair with Star Trek began about the time of Star Trek the Next Generation when, in between series, I needed something sci-fi to keep up with. Thus, I got my hands on re-ran 1966-1969 Original espisodes, screenplay-adapted novels and plastic models. It wasn’t long before I dreampt of sidling to others of my kind at Star Trek conventions and lost my discomfit at being called a ‘Trekkie’ or ‘Trekker’.

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A Look at Hot PopCorn – A Must Have for Movie Junkies


Don’t we all love movies? It seems just about everyone I know with an iPod Touch or iPhone has a Movie app installed to find out show times, new releases, ratings and more. While most of them are free, I have yet to come across one that I would consider a must have. Enter Hot Popcorn, a newly released Movie app by Boctor Design that could very well blow the competition right out of the water. Not only is the interface well designed, it comes loaded with features that even includes purchasing tickets right within the app. Nice.

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