Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) update turns your iPhone into a “Universal Remote”

When R.P.A Tech’s Air Mouse Pro was released over a year ago, it held the distinction as the first and only app to turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a, well, air mouse. Improvements were made with each update and now that version 2.0 has finally been released, Air Mouse Pro has become the undisputed heavyweight champ of all iDevice mouse/trackpads. Not only will the app serve as a simple wireless mouse, AMP essentially transforms your iPhone into an all-in-one universal remote for your for your PC/Mac.

Air Mouse Pro  (Remote / Trackpad) R.P.A. Tech, Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) – $1.99

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Apple Magic Mouse – petting the rodent


Today, Apple released the Magic Mouse, replacing the old and tragically flawed, Mighty Mouse. Standing on the now familiar technology which sells the iPhone and to a lesser extent, MacBooks, the new mouse does multitouch. It will come bundled with every new iMac and for those who want the mouse, but not the 1200$ computer, It comes at the familiar, yet stiff price of 69$ if you live in the USA. Also familiar is its taste for wireless: the mouse mates with your Mac’s Bluetooth functions for USB-less operation.

Check Apple’s Magic Mouse page for full spec.