Turn your Ex into a Zombie with Zombiebooth

MotionPortrait Inc, the bright minds behind the unique and innovative photo apps PhotoSpeak and HourFace, have taken their photo-to-animation technology and created ZombieBooth. With ZombieBooth, you can turn yourself or family/friends into blood-thirsting zombies:

MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

Once you’ve selected your desired image from the camera roll, your “victim” will soon be turned into a 3D model of a zombie. You can then interact with your new friend by dragging a finger around the screen and even let him/her/it take a nibble or two! If you enjoyed MotionPortraits’ previous apps or always wondered what kind of zombie your ex would make, ZombieBooth is certainly worth a look. Video and more info after the gap.

ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo MotionPortrait, Inc., ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo – $0.99

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Chilling New iPhone App from Japan’s Photo Manipulation Masters

Tokyo, Japan – Thanks to stunning online processing that shows just what your iPhone can do, ZombieBooth cranks up the fear factor to turn your photos of friends and family into an army of bloody, terrifying zombies. MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

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Weave a little Android magic and bring snapshots to life with PhotoSpeak

Tokyo, Japan – From the masters of image manipulation at MotionPortrait, PhotoSpeak takes still photos from your Android handset and transforms them into amazing 3D avatars that can repeat your every word, both on your phone and your friends’ as well.

PhotoSpeak pushes the envelope of Android’s graphics prowess, making it the perfect app to wow friends with and show just what the OS is capable of. PhotoSpeaking could hardly be easier – just take a new photo or choose one from the photo library and let our cutting-edge image processing technology get to work. The result is a living, breathing 3D movie on the phone’s screen.

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Japan’s creepiest iPhone App has its eyes on the West

Tokyo, Japan – HourFace from MotionPortrait, one of Tokyo’s hottest iPhone dev studios, has topped the charts in Japan since it launched in January and is now updated and better than ever. Using MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge avatar-builder technology, HourFace analyzes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that ages right there on the iPhone screen.

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Space-age iPhone Avatar Builder from the creator of #1 hit HourFace

Tokyo, Japan – Ideal for your online double life, PhotoAvatar 1.2 – #1 in its category on the first day on sale in Japan – transforms your beautiful mug into a realistic 3D avatar from another planet. Creating your alien avatar is simple – take a photo with the iPhone’s camera or choose one from your library. After that, the dedicated cutting-edge servers do the work to build your customized 3D movie.

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HourFace in Review – You, in 90 years

Novelty apps really thrive at the App Store. And I’m not talking about the infamous fart sort – TMA aren’t that interested in gassing. Rather there are quite a number interesting and creative apps out there. I’ve recently reviewed such a one from MotionPortrait, Inc. – PhotoSpeak and was very impressed by what it can do. And now we have a new title from the same developer – HourFace.

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PhotoSpeak in Review – Oh my God, Max Headroom is back!

In the late eighties, a TV show appeared that pioneered cyberpunk in the US. That show was Max Headroom. Though it was extremely short-lived due to heavy competition, it opened the audience’s eyes to the future, where an artificial intelligence could replace people as reporters, TV hosts and other media personas that we only see through the dreaded box with moving pictures. Well, thanks to MotionPortrait we’re now one step closer to this future and create a Max Headroom of our very own with PhotoSpeak and the tap of a finger.

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Brain Controller at App Store – digital animation gone scary

Scouring new apps is a fun pastime of mine which has grown into an hours upon hours time investment of time and energy. Japanese MotionPortrait, the company who have brought freakishly realistic picture-to animation technology to production have released a peak-a-boo version of their software to the iDevice.

I thought I was clever in creating some simple stop-animations of Playmobil hedgehogs chasing each other – looks like I was wrong.

Our Review of Brain Controller can be found here.

MotionPortrait, Brain Controller, 2.99$, 1.8 MB
Brain Controller

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