mophie launches the mophie juice pack PRO for iPhone 4/4S

If you like your iPhone cases a little more rugged for the added protection, and always wished that they could double as a battery pack as well, this new mophie case should be right up your alley. Called the mophie juice pack PRO, this rather massive case comes loaded with a honking battery (2500 mAh) that will be able to provide an extra 150% more power to your phone. Its Otterbox like exterior not only provides drop/impact/shock protection, but it’s also water resistant and dust proof. And like other juice pack cases, this one’s equipped with a standby switch, so you get to decide when the iPhone 4/4S actually gets charged. The mophie juice pack PRO is available now – black only – on for $129. More images and info after the break.

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Mophie Juice Pack 3G in Review – Double your iPhone fun


One of the biggest gripes with the iPhone 3G (aside from the lack of native copy & paste and running apps in the background) is its relatively poor battery life. Hardcore users who surf, make calls, check emails, listen to music and play one or more of the zillion app store games can hardly get through a day without first worrying about how much “juice” is left on the phone. It’s no wonder then that Mophie, one of the leaders in iPhone/iPod accessories, has stepped up to the plate with the very popular Juice Pack 3G.

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