receives 2.0 update – iPad now supported

When it comes to keeping track of my finances, I used to whip out my iPhone and fire up iXpenseIt to manually enter new transactions. But that was before I started using Mint, a time saving and easy to use (not to mention free) web service that automatically tracks all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments and much more. Thanks to the app (TMA Review) that was released a while back, staying on top of my finances while on the go was made even easier and more convenient. And now with the 2.0 update that was pushed through this morning, you can finally use Mint on your iPad as well.

● Easy-to-understand, multi-touch graphs show you where your money is going so you get a clear picture of your spending and your net worth.
● Redesigned overview screen, so you get a quick snapshot of your finances and latest alerts, bill reminders and advice.
● Enter cash and pending transactions so you have the most accurate view of your spending.
● Get a detailed view of your transactions.
● View your data even without a wireless connection.

One minor caveat though – it appears the now universal Mint app does require iOS 5 to work. So if you’re still on iOS 4 for some reason (i.e. jailbreakers waiting for an untethered JB or you simply haven’t bothered upgrading to the latest OS yet), this update will have to wait. Personal Finance – manage your money, budgets, expenses and bills, Personal Finance – Free

Continue reading… Personal Finance – The easiest way to manage finances on your iPhone is a (free) web-based financial management tool for users to manage all their finances in one place. It is one of the easiest applications to use within the sector and also the one that I trust for our family finances.  I’ve had experience using Quicken, Money, and Excel to manage our money, and while these tools can be very powerful and are highly customizable, they don’t compare favorably to when it comes to getting a full picture of your finances with maximum ease.

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