MIKADO DEFENDERS in Review – Applying Sun Tzu’s Art of war to tower defence

With such an abundance of Tower Defense games on the App Store, it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd. That said however, MIKADO DEFENDERS doesn’t have that problem – this latest title stands out on the publisher name alone. The legendary TAITO Corporation, previously known on the iDevice platform mostly for their reiterations of the classic franchises like SPACE INVADERS (TMA Review) and ARKANOID (TMA Review), has finally graced us with a title originally designed for the iPhone. Ooooh, I just can’t wait!

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Taito’s Mikado Defenders set to invade App Store

While Taito maybe well known in the App Store for their hit arcade games (i.e Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Bust-a-Move and Arkanoid), the one category of games they have yet to tackle is the hugely popular tower defense genre. Well that will soon change as Taito’s first iDevice defense game, Mikado Defenders, is slated to be released in the very near future.

In Mikado Defenders, players deploy samurai foot soldiers, archers, and other units, desperately attempting to defend their fortress from an all-out demonic attack. It’s tower defense, with a uniquely Japanese twist!

Set in the Sengoku Era, the historical backdrop and unique artwork give the game a most distinct flavor. Aside from the usual deployment of defensive units around the map, Mikado Defenders also allows players to fortify their castle with upgrades (barricades and turrets) and even recruit historical Samurai Commanders (each with special abilities). So far, the game looks immensely promising and could well be a surprise hit with TD junkies. We’ll certainly keep a close eye on this one and have a full review when it’s released. Meanwhile, take a gander at more piccies and app details after the gap.

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