MeterRead Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

meterread_promo1TouchMyApps is giving away 10 copies of MeterRead (Go Green!), a rare App Store offering that helps you track energy usage and one that has the potential to help you save your hard earned money  (not to mention helping the environment as well by being more energy conscious).

Studies show that motivated people who monitor their energy use generally save around 10-20% on their electric bill. This could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year and by saving energy you will be doing your part to keep this planet healthy and green.

To win one of 10 copies, simply leave a comment and give us one or more ways on how you can save energy and be a little more ‘green’. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 31, 2009 @ 6pm EST. Be sure to check out Shigzeo’s article on MeterRead as well as our interview with the father and son dev team.

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zerogate interview: The Father and Son of MeterRead

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

On 11 January, 2009, TouchMyApps got an exclusive sneak peak at the great new features of zerogate’s iPhone/iPod Touch App: MeterRead. On the same day and just 22 hours or so later, we got to speak a spoonful with the  wise, humorous and sassy father/son duo who make MeterRead. It is long, sometimes convoluted and extremely biased, but I think you will find this team to be witty, clever and ready to storm the app store with more unique ideas.


Black and beautiful: Shigzeo of TMA
Blue – Father (Leonard G. Barton)
Red – Son (Mark E. Barton)

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MeterRead Go Go Goes Update!


Update will bring some new goodies!

In forging ahead to become a greener company, Apple have redesigned their macbook line to be one of the most recyclable and environment irritant free notebook lines in the world. They are also advancing their recycling system but still have a long, long way to go until they reach green parity with companies who have applied friendly environmental practices for a longer time and to more than just their consumer products.

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