App Price Drop – Jan 25th, 2009

Without a doubt, the biggest name on this list is Rolando, which saw a price drop from 9.99 to 5.99 earlier this week. Lots of other nice sales happening, including my some of my favs in OldBooth, Hot Popcorn and Up There. Paypal users should also take a look at PayShield, now only $0.99. As usual, be sure to check out the entire price drop list after the jump!**Update-SimCity has dropped in price to $7.99!



$9.99 —> $7.99




$9.99 —> $5.99



Burning Tires 3D

$2.99 —> $0.99

Burning Tires? 3D


Up There

$1.99 —> $0.99

Up There


Archibald’s Adventures

$7.99 —> $4.99

Archibald's Adventures

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A Look at Memory Status – Memory Watcher for your iPhone

memorystatus1I am sure we have all experienced slow downs and crashes while using the iPhone or iPod Touch. It could have happened while surfing the web with Mobile Safari or playing that sweet looking but resource hogging game. Regardless of where and when it happens, there is no doubt users feel the frustration with every crash. Enter Memory Status, a fairly simple memory management utility that displays where the iPhone’s resources are being allocated as well as allow users to free up more virtual memory.

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