White Lines – The Little App That Could

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – With no development experience under his belt, illustrator Kyle T. Webster defeated the odds by landing his first iPhone game in the top 50 paid apps list last week. He credits a simple idea that is suitable for all ages and language independent, as well as the proven marketing power of social media, for the game’s sudden jump into the top 50. By Wednesday of last week, the game arrived at position number 5 behind the classic puzzle favorite, Tetris.

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Monsters in Review – Simon Says Scary

pinkOkay admit it, you like cute things. Things that make you laugh or smile. Babies, puppies, kitties – anything else? Okay, anything else cute that we can chat about on an iPhone review site? Something online? Something you can play with? Getting any ideas? Okay, in the App Store? How about Monsters? No no, not the cable company, the game.

Yeah, Monsters, brainchild of Samuel Vermette crept into the store 16 February to less fanfare than it deserves. Why? Well in the same timeframe, it has competed with many many applications including the Top App of the World; the App Store is a vicious place to do business.

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