iPod shoe to buoy up los zapatos


It’s simple – at current saturation rates, in 8,34 years, 89% of the world’s population will have an Apple iPod or iPhone. The last 11 percent rest content in having thwarted digital takeover, nursing dilapidated Walkmans and half-eaten vinyl Sound Burgers. Make no mistake, nearly everyone will have an Apple-branded portable of some sort. But, with Apple’s ultimate victory in the portable market, their next dire concern will be to discover methods to remain viable in a saturated market. Apple know portable – it has been hardwired into their immune system since the original iPod and kept them afloat long enough to revolutionise the computer industry yet again. Enter the iShoe, Apcamper, iJogger, niKE, etc. – a new wave of Apple-buoyed electronic fashion accessories.

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