Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear in Review – Slightly Sparkly

Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear is the port of the popular PC game to the iDevice, where we follow the adventures of Rupert and Emma as they go on an expedition set in the ruins of ancient Egypt. The game is packaged as an engaging adventure story that combines hidden object and match three, two popular genres, with an RPG-like element thrown-in.

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Octo☆Touch in Review – Match my Octopi!

Do you like intense action/puzzle games with octopi and squealing Japanese voice-overs of colorful anime characters? Maybe, just maybe, Octo☆Touch might be for you! Developed by Compile Heart, Octo Touch features some very funky music and a frentic match ’em style of gameplay. With its 2 gameplay modes, 3 levels of difficulty, several unlockable characters and special attacks for each persona, this puzzler will keep you entertained for hours, or even just a few minutes in between breaks.

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Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! In Review – This is what happens if you cross Ghostbusters and Tetris


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Tetris is a legendary game. Created by Alexey Pajitnov back in 1984, it has undergone more modifications than any other games, ranging from easter eggs on oscilloscopes to using the windows of 15-story buildings to play the game. And the various spin-offs would start a tornado if put together. But even this is not enough for some people as they take the general idea and morph it into something wild altogether. How about crossing it with a match-2 puzzle game and catching ghosts?

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Groovin’ Blocks in Review – Match 3 to a different beat

Groovin Blocks 1

Groovin’ Blocks is another mash-up of genres, this time a mix of puzzle and rhythm music games like Rock Band and Guitar Rock Tour. And it’s a successful merger – producing a game that’s got a unique visual and audio style. If that sounds like it might appeal to you, click on through to get my thoughts.

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Yumsters! 2 in Review – Yummy Yummy, Lucky Tummy

Yumsters 1

Yumsters! 2 is different from most puzzle games we get from the App store – for starters, this is not a match 3 game. Secondly, with it’s colorful characters and simple story, it’s got a very kid friendly vibe – much like Bumble Tales. Yumsters! 2 also fits into that category of hybrid games – combination puzzle and music game. So what kind of a game does this all add up to? Find out after the break.

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Abductor in Review – trick or treat ‘em for the alien nation

Review-Games-Abductor-IMG_0783Trick or treat! Humble Gaming have dropped Abductor, a candy-coated alien game to the App Store just in time for Halloween. It is match-three with a few otherworldly quirks which fit the holiday quite well. The first is the story. Basically, aliens landed on earth and intrigued by holiday, abducted anything which looks or tastes of Halloween. The second quirk is the strict guidelines which run the game only until overturned by one of the pumpkin heads (don’t worry, we’ll get to that).

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Bumble Tales in Review – bumbling towards ecstasy

Bumble Tales 1

Just like in the play Gypsy (yes, you people need to step outside and watch a play occasionally – don’t worry, you can take your ipod with you) “you gotta get a gimmick” if you’re going to play in the match-3 puzzle game space anymore. The field is just too crowded, so you need something to separate you from the pack. Bumble Tales does have a gimmick, but ultimately it could have been used to better effect.

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Puzzlegeddon in review – it’s puzzle Armageddon!

Puzzlegeddon 1

I’ve played lots of app store puzzle games now, so it’s taking more and more new ideas for a game to really catch my attention. Puzzlegeddon does a good job of introducing some new elements to the mix: a twist on the puzzle mechanics of color-matching as well as a bit of an added role-play/strategy element. And while an it’s ultimately an enjoyable game in and of itself, there are also a few things that keep it from being a complete homerun.

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Match 3D Flick Puzzle in Review – get your 3D glasses

Match 3D 1

I wasn’t too impressed with Match 3D Flick Puzzle at first. Yet another match 3 game, and it has very limited controls (really you can only swap one adjacent block for another). Even the cube aspect with multiple sides didn’t do much for me at first, as the endless waves of blocks just kept falling down and filling it in. And then I discovered ‘Survival’ mode, and a whole new game experience opened up for me – one that is far more appealing and gives this game the edge it needs in such a crowded genre.

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Dragon Portals in Review – Does this Dragon deliver the goods?


I was very anxious to play Dragon Portals when I realized it came from the same makers of the superb Azkend, hopeful that it would capture some of that same magic. It wants to be as good, and in some ways it at least tries to come close, but ultimately there are a number of things that keep it from reaching that same level.

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