Master Of Alchemy HD In Review – God Like Power Packed In A Puzzler

I’ve been looking for some new games to enjoy on my iPad. There are a fair amount out there but I’ve also noticed that many are simply iPad versions of original iPhone titles (aka ports). I wanted something new.

“What if you could transform lead into gold? Or distil the essence of life itself?…”. That’s the opening line in the description for Master of Alchemy HD. As far as openers go, that one is definitely an attention grabber. Using the practices and methodology of medieval days gone by, you’re tasked with taking on the Mechanologists and bringing alchemy to supremacy.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [July 12 – 18]

This week was almost a better one for iPad releases / ports than iPhone offerings, but there were still some solid looking titles on both fronts.  For you tower defense fans comes one of the biggest science fiction licenses in the world – Star Wars: Battle For Hoth.  I personally can think of some better uses for the property (where’s our iPhone version of Pod racing?), but I will admit that the thought of fighting AT-ATs is always intriguing.  If you like scrolling shooters then you’re in for a treat, as one of my favorites in this genre has finally received a full version.  Air Attack puts you in some serious 3D shmup combat, including taking on a pretty defensive castle.  If you’re looking for a game with some unique play mechanics, check out Spider: Bryce Manor HD.  The iPhone version was great, so I’d expect nothing less from the iPad port.

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