MarkdownMail app updates to version 3.0

For those of you who use MarkdownMail, the app has just been updated to 3.0 with some handy new features and changes:

* [NEW] Added signatures support. You can now maintain and insert a variety of different signatures into your messages.
* [NEW] Added templating. You can now save your frequently sent drafts as named templates.
* [NEW] Newly improved iPhone user interface that allows you to dynamically swap between the compose and preview view.
* [CHANGE] Moved Email Markdown to the send button.
* [CHANGE] Updated to latest version of MarkdownKit.
* [CHANGE] Updated to modern version of TextExpander’s SDK
* [CHANGE] MarkdownMail 3.0 and above now require iOS 5
* [FIX] Fixed issue where memory warnings would cause the text view to unload.

If you’re not familiar with MarkdownMail, it’s a great little app that lets you compose and send emails in HTML. Based on John Gruber’s Markdown markup syntax, you can send emails with different headers, bold text, italics, bulleted lists and much more. Looking at the above iTunes screenshots, the left one has the Markup syntax, and the right is what the receiving end will actually see (an html email). MarkdownMail sells for $2.99 and works on both the iPhone and iPad.

MarkdownMail - Send HTML Email Second Gear, MarkdownMail – Send HTML Email, – $2.99

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