The future of iPhone controllers is NOW!


How to make convenient and easy to use controls for action/arcade games (as well as other genres), is one of the most serious issues facing iPhone developers. Controls can make or break a game and despite the enormous variety of ways to interact with the iDevice (multitouch, accelerometer and even the compass in the 3GS), there is still no adequate replacement for the good old hardwired D-Pad.

Well, soon there may not be a need to reinvent the wheel. While Apple is making developers sweat over implementing workarounds, a small independent group of developers has set off to improve the built-in Bluetooth stack with the BTstack project. Of course it is only available to the Jailbreaking community, but before you slip off to read the latest review, take a minute to see what BTstack can do. With their recent update they have finally implemented full WiiMote wireless support!

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