Sparrow lands on the iPhone

Sparrow, my favorite mail client on Mac OS, has finally been released for the iPhone.

Sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience. With its pane navigation, its new threading system and many new features, you’ll never look back.

Similar to the pane interface found on the Facebook app, you can use swipe gestures to reveal mailboxes, labels and folders. Swipe on a message and you can star, add a label, archive or delete a conversation. I’ve used Sparrow on my iPhone briefly and so far, am completely loving it (goodbye Mail app!). The one big downer is the lack of push notifications, which can be a deal breaker for some. Personally, I can live without it for the time being, seeing how this is the best 3rd party mail app I’ve used thus far.

And if you missed it earlier, Sparrow for Mac is still currently on sale at $6 (via StackSocial), though only until for another 12 hours or so. Check out the promo video and app description after the break.

Sparrow Sparrow, Sparrow, – $2.99

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Sparrow for Mac now 40% off

Sparrow, a fantastic mail client for Mac OS, is now on sale at $6 (down from $10) via StackSocial. The beautifully designed and easy to use 3rd party mail app supports Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, MobileMe and any other custom IMAP. Some of its more notable features include a unified inbox, drag and drop attachments, iCloud and Dropbox sync, Facebook integration, as well as support for Priority Inbox for Gmail users. Reviews online are mostly positive, with the Mac App Store showing an average of 4 and a 1/2 stars out of 1,800+ ratings. 

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