“Every Dimension”: Retina Macbook Pro TV Commercial

Apple has released a new TV ad – “Every Dimension” – showcasing the Macbook Pro with Retina display that was unveiled at the WWDC keynote 2 days ago. While we’ve seen a great number of Apple commercials for iDevices and iOS in the recent past, it’s been a few years since Apple have released any that feature their Mac products. The base model of the new Macbook Pro will set you back $2199, but it does come packed with a retina display (2880-by-1800 resolution),  2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Oh yeah, it’s only 0.71″ thin and weighs 4.46 lbs.


MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh spec leak?

While Apple may have difficulty grabbing hardware suppliers for new MacBooks because nVidia and Intel are at it, news from Taiwan graced the Chinese-speaking tech world today.

Of note, the new MacBook Pro line should see the following updates:

  • 640GB harddisks or 248GB SS drives
  • 8 hour batteries

Apple routinely update their MacBook line every year at least once, but with supplies running thin and problems between both major chipset vendors, Apple are wedged in between a rock and a rough place. Thanks to AppleInsider for the tip.

TouchMyApps routinely follows MacBook goings-on, but it ain’t always good news:

iSkin Giveaway O’ the Day: ProTouch FX and Vibes for Macbook/Pro/Air

We’ve already featured plenty of iPhone and iPod cases from our iSkin Giveaways and today, we move from one mobile device accessory to another – the Macbook. The iSkin ProTouch is a Keyboard Protector that is made with pure high-grade silicone that is soft and flexible and specially engineered to cover every key on your Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air (released late 2008 and later). The ProTouches are also embedded with Microban® protection (no more worrying about bacteria build-up on your typing surface) and you can even wash them with warm water and detergent to keep the skins squeaky clean.

We have 1 each of the ProTouch FX and ProTouch Vibes up for grabs. If you want to give give your MBs an extra layer of protection and one that looks great to boot, don’t miss out on this iSkin giveaway! More contest details after the gap…

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Good for girls: MacBook and iPhone

I’ve never really looked at it this way before, but evidently, the MacBook/iPhone combo is a winning ‘get’ for girls. AllAbout, a great Japanese site for -everything- has an article promoting the MacBook and iPhone combination for girls. Their main points are:

  • It is stylish and cute for fashion-conscious customers
  • The new MacBook’s screen is great for surfing the web
  • The iPhone’s multimedia/internet/organisational features are great for both private and work life
  • Both machines’ rounded edges nicer for girl’s hands
  • Both platforms offer loads of software which you can use from day 1

Right now, Amazon have a special SuperSaver deal for American customers.

$954.59 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

[via AllAbout] Japanese Language

New Macbook – the ‘poor’ man’s MacBook Air?


Well, the Magic Mouse was a great replacement for the ailing (and now illegal) Mighty Mouse. Today, another product which is almost as long in the tooth, the plastic MacBook, finally gets a real upgrade. While I won’t rush out to buy the first of a new design, Apple have engineered a few very nice additions to the venerable laptop which may make it a good option for users 2006’s model. And interestingly enough, a page dedicated to its impact on the environment has been added to its product page.

While the judge’s retinue are still out as to whether the MacBook is fitted with the recycled (and underpowered) display of the former model, or the high quality MacBook Air screen, at least the display is backlit by a low-power LED. In any case, it still sports its ancient resolution of 1280*800 pixels adn 13.3 display size. The MacBook also comes with a glass trackpad and loses its lip which can cause discomfort after typing for extended periods of time. Perhaps the biggest design decision, however, is the addition of the now-ubiquitous built-in battery.

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Contest: Design to win 1000$ or a MacBook from TatSkinz

Images-WhiteMacbookYou are the author of your winnings in a new contest sponsored by TatSkinz maker, NLU Products. The company are looking for talented designers to whip up something special for their new TatSkinsz products. Your iPod cover designs will be judged by a panel from: Crunchgear, Chicago Tribune’s Redeye, Ubergizmo, Yanko Design and Just another Mobile Monday. As the contest kicks off this week and will go on through November, you have a lot of time to dedicate to your earnings.

For more details, jump the gap.

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Snow Leopard maims MacBook batteries


Snow Leopard has outted at least one problem in Apple’s notebook line: failing optical drives. While not explicitly the fault of the OS, Snow Leopard, generally installed by optical disk, forced users to use their dusty drives only to find out that the hardware is bum. Sadly, upon attempting to upgrade to Apple’s latest, the world’s most advanced operating system (sic) proves that Apple need to spend more time developing reliable hardware, not this fritzy fluff. Now, the selfsame OS has another ticket with Apple Support: failing batteries. This time, however, it seems the OS may be at least partially to blame.

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Post WWDC-Woe: Apple’s MacBook Pro’s SATA Interface Downgraded

The Face of the Future, A Dumbed-down, Limited-use Future.

The Face of the Future, A Dumbed-down, Limited-use Future.

In an effort to stem the high prices of its laptop line, Apple announced overhauled MacBool Pro models. The series received the most immediately noticeable upgrade in a return to a smaller form factor which has long been overdue. The 12 inch PowerBook replacement received these updates over its prior incarnation as a mere MacBook: a MacBook Pro quality screen, the reintroduction of a FireWire port and an SD card port. However, the 15-inch model was made redundant. Unless you need the speakers and the larger screen, there is no reason to opt for the more expensive middling model.

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Updated: Apple’s Troubled Laptop Line – WWDC Sealed the fate of the 15 inch MacBook Pro


The MacBook Pro has suffered serious setbacks since its 2008 redesign. The combined insult of a glossy glass screen and removal of the firewire 400 port was reason enough to skip the 15 inch model in favour of the cheaper plastic MacBook. But the new 15-inch line as updated at WWDC is the worst line of laptops from the Cupertino company in a long time. Below is the spec list from the new 15-inch machines.

  • 1699$. 2.53 GHz, 4 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, 250GB HD, Firewire 800, Glossy Screen, SD Card Port, 2 USB, Optical line in/Out
  • 1999$. 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce GT, 320GB HD. Firewire 800, Glossy Screen, SD Card Port, 2 USB, Optical line in/Out
  • 2299$. 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce GT, 500 GB HD. Firewire 800, Glossy Screen, SD Card Port, 2 USB, Optical line in/Out

Built to Order (BTO) options:

  • Upgrade to 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • Upgrade to 8 GB RAM
  • Upgrade to 500 GB HDD or 256 GB SSD

This information was covered in the first section of Apple’ WWDC Keynote.

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Apple’s 2009 WWDC – Rundown of the Big Event (iPhone OS 3.0 – New iPhone 3GS)


Keep a look out here for major updates from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference as well as a final recap as the conference closes. Apple fans, iPhone devotees and the rest of you, it is WWDC time! If you are interested, take a look at the entire event over at Apple’s WWDC QuickTime page.


  • Major MacBook upgrades and Incremental MacBook Pro upgrades (all aluminium versions are now MacBook Pros)
  • Snow Leopard to be sold for only 29$ USD! Microsoft’s balls are in Apple’s court now – They cannot afford to price Windows 7 less than Windows Vista, so upgrading to the newest from Redmond will be very, very expensive in light of Apple’s supple and tidy OS.
  • iPhone 3G at 99$ (8GB), iPhone 3GS 199$ (16GB), iPhone 3GS 299$ (32GB)
  • Autofocus Camera @ 3 MegaPixels and new Camera software/10cm Macro
  • MMS
  • Digital Compass to work with Core Location
  • Turn by Turn Navigation and In-App Google Maps Support
  • Better Language Support
  • Find My iPhone for Mobile Me users
  • Tethering/HTML 5.0/OpenGL 2.0
  • Voice commands for phone and iPod functions
  • Landscape editing
  • Spotlight search for entire iPhone and all apps!
  • Better Battery (iPhone 3GS)
  • More Accessibility support
  • iPhone users can download movies straight from iTunes (unless your mum says now)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste for every app in the App Store and all Apple apps (2 years too late?)

Of course, we knew many of these functions as part of the OS 3.0 Sneak Peak back in March.

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