CHAOS RINGS in Review – It’s final; there’s no fantasy!

When Square Enix announced they were developing an iDevice RPG, I was thrilled. What else could I expect from the company behind the famous Final Fantasy series? Parts 8 and 9 of the franchise were some of the best games I’ve ever played and the platform is perfect for the genre, right? And when Chaos Rings finally came out at the whopping price of $12.99 (the most expensive RPG at the App Store to date), you can imagine my interest. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

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Sword & Poker in Review – Straight to your Heart!

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Abbot and Costello, Oprah and cupcakes; Some things just GO TOGETHER.

Such is the case with Sword & Poker, an epic jumble of two unlikely bedfellows: The hardcore RPG, which relies completely on player skill and gear, and the lighthearted poker (but-not-really-poker) mechanics of luck and pattern recognition. Feel free to discuss this review of Sword & Poker in our forums.

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Octo☆Touch in Review – Match my Octopi!

Do you like intense action/puzzle games with octopi and squealing Japanese voice-overs of colorful anime characters? Maybe, just maybe, Octo☆Touch might be for you! Developed by Compile Heart, Octo Touch features some very funky music and a frentic match ’em style of gameplay. With its 2 gameplay modes, 3 levels of difficulty, several unlockable characters and special attacks for each persona, this puzzler will keep you entertained for hours, or even just a few minutes in between breaks.

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Manage Your Football Club in Review – Set Piece, Shoot and Score!


Football has fierce competition both off and on the pitch. Manage Your Football Club is part fantasy football simulator, part resource manager and part hooligan. You can get your hands dirty in any of the English football leagues from League two all the way to the top with the Premier league. If you don’t have time to read 15 pages of praise, then leave this review with the following: Manage Your Football Club is a triumph of immense proportions. It is thick with strategy, depth of play and excellent game mechanics. I am Grabbing it before I even start my proper review.

Before I get too far, I will have to apologise. Sports Director Ltd. have created a deep game – too deep to be properly covered in one review unless I were to write a full book. To explain every feature and even shallowly discuss strategies would careen this website off the server!

Sports Director Ltd, Manage Your Football Club, 5.99$, 2.7 MB
Soccer Manager

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