The Horrible Vikings in Review – Loot, pillage, plunder, hold the babe for ransom and free the kitties!

I think the only people who’ve not heard of Yetisports and more specifically the little flash game that started it all: Pingu Throw are the poor sods who’ve lived under a rock for the past 6 years. The original made its debut back in 2004 and paralyzed whole companies. I admit to having spent a fair bit of time on it myself. The Horrible Vikings is a similar game which features the same basic mechanics. But this time, things are taken to a whole new level.

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Earth vs Moon in Review – Rockets at the Ready


If you are a retro gamer (unlike me), you may have played something by the name of Missile Command. The old concept of shooting down incoming missiles as a defence genre has grown over the years from the Atari system to the Xbox. Now it’s come to the iPhone and iPod Touch (although not the first of this genre) as Earth vs Moon, by Low Five Games. And this game is actually more retro than meets the eye.

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