lolo releases customizable 7-Minute Workout app for iPhone


lolo, developers behind popular fitness apps like Easy Abs and Easy Arms (two apps that have helped me get back into shape), have released 7-Minute Workout (High Intensity Training) for the iPhone. In case you’re not familiar, the 7 Minute Workout first appeared on NY Times and is “based on science”, where you do 12 sets of exercises in 7 minutes. It does get pretty intense during this short span – especially if you push yourself. Since reading about it a month ago, I’ve done a number of these 7 minute workouts and I find them great when you don’t have a whole lot of time to exercise. Compared to the many 7 minute workout apps that have sprung up on the App Store, lolo’s is probably the most involved of the bunch.

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Easy Abs – Get in shape (and work on that 6 pack) for the New Year

With 2012 just around the corner, it’s highly possible that one of your New Year’s Resolution is to finally work on that once-prominent six pack and get in better shape. I know it’s one of mine! My biggest issue though is that I just can’t find the motivation to hit the gym on a consistent basis. I’ve tried a number of workout apps on the iPhone, but for one reason or another, I never stuck with any of them. Well, that was until I stumbled upon Easy Abs by lolo, an awesome exercise app aimed at strengthening your core in just minutes a day.

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