LogMeIn goes Free, IAP of $39.99/year allows HD video streaming

LogMeIn, the company behind Ignition (TMA Review) – a fantastic app that lets you remotely control your computer – has just released LogMeIn and it’s completely Free. Users can now access their PC/Mac on their iPhone or iPad and it won’t even cost them a dime. Also new is the ability to stream HD video and sound from your computer to the iDevice (available for Windows while coming soon for Mac). This sweet feature is included in the premium Ignition app, while free LogMeIn users can have video streaming, file transfers, My Cloud bank integration and remote printing via an annual in-app purchase of $39.99.

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LogMeIn Ignition updated, adds virtual mouse option to iPad

Virtual onscreen mouse

LogMeIn Ignition (TMA Review), arguably one of the best remote access and desktop control apps on the iDevice, has just been updated with some user interface improvements. For those not familiar, LogMeIn allows users to log into their desktop/laptops and work off them remotely on their iDevice, regardless of where they are. The most notable change in the update (v1.1.170) is the addition of the Direct navigation mode on the iPad. As you can see from the screenshot above, a virtual onscreen mouse is present once Direct control is enabled in the settings. Simply touch and drag the mouse to move the desktop cursor, and tapping on the edges will duplicate a left and right mouse click function. This new feature is definitely welcome on the iPad as users can now control the cursor (while zoomed in) without having to pan the screen every time its moved.

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LogMeIn Ignition in Review – Holy crap, it’s Windows 7 on my iPhone!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the full power of the desktop right at your fingertips? Ok, so a full-featured virtual machine is probably a bit utopian right now – just remember how slowly Windows 95 runs on the iPad. But it is possible! Today, I’ll be reviewing LogMeIn Ignition, an excellent remote access app that allows you to control your desktop right from the comforts of your favorite iDevice.

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