TYPOGRAFFIT – Creative text-to-piccie iDevice app

TYPOGRAFFIT is really cool. The website allows you to play around with a few gadgets which transform words and tags into cool graffiti which can be shared over the internet to various social clients. But the app is also available at the App Store for 1.99$. In a nutshell, the app’s magic is simple: TYPGRAFFIT turns your imaginative texting into imaginative pictures. It is a fun way to text, email, and twit; in short, it livens up online communications. But true artists with true artistic eyes may even find better ways to use it. I think it is time for a sarcastic grin! Rolleyes, have fun. Whatever you do with TYPOGRAFFIT, make sure you do it maturely as remember, this app turns text (any text) into a picture. If there happens to be a neat graphic on internet which can be placed instead of a word, it will clip in. If you have discovered cute phrases, why not share them in the comment section of this post? Just, remember to keep it clean okay?


Piccies and Press Release after the gap

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Craigsharvest in Review: A Little Craig’s List in All of Us


Canadian bicycles simply are the best

If you have ever had to buy or sell furniture, used socks or MP3 players online, you are probably familiar with the now ubiquitous Craigslist. The Peer to Peer sales market consists of many entries but Craigslist makes a great blanket for everything and brings relative safety to both buyer and seller and does not incur extra expenses. Now, CraigsHarvest for the iPhone has arrived to make the best use of your searching powers.

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