On the Qusp of 2010: Twisted Cables audio for the iDevice

The DIY audio community is large, well-fueled, and rabidly concocting exciting accessories for the iPod and iPhone. Some successful DIY-ers have gone on to found shops, quitting their day jobs and are now making some of the best components for the iDevice. Down Under, a new shop has opened from the long-time Headfi-er and cable maker, Qusp (Jeremy Glover). Twisted Cables specialises in Cyro parts for best signal integrity and ease of use. TouchMyApps has been using Twisted Cables parts for reviews of products such as the ALO Rx portable headphone amp and the FitEar Private 333 custom earphone. The verdict? Great products with excellent performance. TMA will review Twisted Cables products in the new year including one of the most low-profile audio docks in the world. Till then, feel free to email founder, Qusp, with questions and comments. His website should be up very soon.

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ALO Rx and Cryo Line Out Dock arrive


ALO’s new design isn’t just a beautiful face, it has several exciting improvements under the bonnet. One of course, is that it sports dual lithium batteries in a dual-charging circuit, meaning lots of power, and if I am hearing what I think I am hearing, sustained bass output. For inner earphone users, the Rx sports the world’s first production-level dual-stepped attenuating circuit, meaning that even at low volume levels, the signal remains perfectly balanced. ALO’s new amp is charging now, but preliminary listens have revealed that this amp’s crisp midrange and bass is a hell of a good pair for electronic music. Look for our review in mid-late November.

ALO’s now infamous Cryo Dock, too, will get a goodly write up along with the offerings from another unique company: Twisted Cables which is the brainchild of Headfier Qusp and for Australians, a matter of national pride!

To get your hands on one, visit ALO’s Rx webpage.

TMA have been following the production of this amp from its ‘top secret’ days until it was publicly introduced at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

If you have been waiting for our review, look no further: ALO Rx Headphone amp in Review: Double the battery, double the fun.