Subrats in review – Who Rules The Subway?

Line drawing games have touched on a variety of topics, including bathroom duty, but the majority of them seem to focus on some sort of vehicle.  Subrats takes a different approach, focusing on what is perceived as one of the lowest forms of life to skitter about on four legs: vermin.  The game has a great sense of humor, it looks sharp, and best of all it is actually quite fun.  Even if things that go bump in the night make you squeamish, Subrats is certainly worth a look if you enjoy a challenging line drawing game.

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Piczle Lines in Review – Drawing pictures one line at a time

There are certainly a lot of puzzle and line-drawing games in the App Store these days. But how many puzzle line drawing games are there?  Piczle Lines is a unique combination of the two, using line drawing to complete picture puzzles. In fact the nearly unpronounceable name of the app is derived from PICture + puzZLE = piczle. I decided on “pixel” since you are drawing pictures in a pixellated way as you will see below.

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Titan Defence in Review – Secrets, seekers and mythical beings

One of the areas where the App Store has definitely been a pleasant surprise for me is games tied to various movie and animated franchises. The iDevice has a good number of those in all genres, from Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in adventure to Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TMA Review) in fighting, from TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING (TMA Review) in strategies to one of the best Action games of all time on the platform – Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. And now a recent, but successful Italian animated series – Huntik: Secrets & Seekers has just released a companion game – Titan Defence.

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Zombie Escape in Review – Flight Control, please advise… zombies everywhere!

The line-drawing game genre has exploded since Flight Control (TMA Review) came out. We’ve seen almost everything, from downright clones such as Space Dock (TMA Review) to innovative titles like Boom Brigade. Well, Chillingo might have hit paydirt again with the release of Zombie Escape – an original (and zombie-filled) look on the genre.

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Super 7 In Review – Another Great No Monkey Masterpiece!

When it comes to games designed for your iDevice, the “line-drawing” segment really is perfect for it.  Games that involve simple taps and swipes make use of the device’s prominent features and if done well, can also result in a great game. Enter Super 7, a line-drawing title (with a math twist) brought to you by developers No Monkeys (makers of the fun Green Fingers and Alphabetic). So with expectations set, read on to see if 7 equals heaven, or if these devs were just monkeying around.

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Airstrike Defense in Review – Pearl harbour all over again

The line drawing genre is exalting with a second coming: a wave of new entries at the App Store. These holy droves strive to fall away from the basic (and often copied) gameplay of Flight Control (TMA Review). And one of such innovative games is Airstrike Defense – a cross between an old-school top-down bombing game and an equally old-school attack evasion with line-drawing controls replacing the outdated Virtual D-Pad. Feel free to discuss this review of Airstrike Defense in our forums.

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Fluffy Farm in Review – All that’s fluffy is gold


The scene is familiar – you are on a farm with an empty stretch of green before you; a wiggly and colourful little thing spawns new little colourful things until the screen is swarming with wiggly and colourful little things. Fluffy Farm is a line drawing game which will press your drawing skills to avoid enemies and obstacles while achieving your goals.

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Taxi Jam in Review – Think You Have What it Takes?


In the busy streets of large cities such as New York, Paris, and Shanghai, many people rely on the transportation system to get around. When you miss that bus or subway, or if you’re just in a hurry, one of your other options is to take a taxi. Of course, on busy streets a taxi may not be the most efficient method of travel, but at least it comes to you and hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long.

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Firemint’s Flight Control gets 1.2 Update

flightcontrol_12update5Over the past several months, there have been some great games priced at a dollar that has made its way to the Top 10 at the App Store: Doodle Jump, Pocket God and Stickwars just to name a few. Not only are they great in value, but their developers have also made every effort in updating the game to keep the content fresh and sweet. Well Firemint, the fine folks behind one of the most popular titles in Flight Control (and one that had been enjoying life atop of the App World for quite sometime) has just released a worthwhile update that includes more planes, airports and in-game scoreboards for those ultra competitive stat junkies.

If you have yet to try out Flight Control, do us a favor and buy the $0.99 game ASAP. Its fun, addictive and crazy challenging (I can’t disclose how many planes I have landed for fear of being mocked), and it sure beats being a real ATC controller. Be sure to check out J. D’s review of the game and more juicy screenshots/details can be found after the jump.

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