Apple iPhone gets dangerous with daring new Quote App

Las Vegas, Nevada – Get Wise: Dangerous Quotes edition version 2.02 represents eight months and hundreds of hours of development since its initial release. Inside are more than 25,000 powerful quotes by over 2,300 authors. The words breathe across the screen bringing them to life in a dynamic way. Dare to discover the secrets, thoughts, philosophies, values, and hidden power of the world’s most brilliant and successful people. Or laugh at one of the over 1,000 hilarious quotes included. It has it all.

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10-20 Media, Inc. Launches GardenPilot iPhone App for Gardeners

Woodbine, MD – Today’s gardener can now research garden plants with GardenPilot from 10-20 Media, a powerful plant search tool on the web and on the iPhone. GardenPilot features over 12,000 beautifully illustrated ‘plant information pages’ to help the consumer cultivate success in the garden and landscape. GardenPilot allows the user to research plants by category, by branded collection, by a number of relevant characteristics, and then search for retailers that sell the plants locally.

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Improved version of SalatTime app available on the App Store

Moscow, Russia – SQUAD today is proudly announcing the new redesigned version of SalatTime 1.3, an indispensable app for every Muslim featuring Islamic prayer time list with automatic notifications, Calendar and Compass. This app is designed for people who want to have a push notifications assistant as well as Athan alarms always at their disposal. When the application is launched it sends prayer push alerts according to the exact prayer times specified on the list.

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Plants 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch – Plant Care Made Easy

Amstelveen, the Netherlands – Tuparev Technologies today is pleased to introduce Plants 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Plants application consists of a photo reference guide to plants, and a plant maintenance scheduler. Using its simple, stylish interface, the user can easily provide all her plants at multiple locations with individualized care. Watering, re-potting and fertilizing are now done efficiently, correctly and on time.

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Green Tips! – free, eco-friendly for the green beginner

Here’s a conundrum: why do some ‘green’ apps ask you to pay for tips which can be read for free on internet? The answer is another shade of green. Sedona Software’s Green Tips! is one of a few which ask nothing in return to not only saving you a few dollars, but pointing you in a better direction. Okay, so a lot of the tips are ‘common sense’, but surprise surprise, there is no monopoly of the stuff. Another free app which uses the same or very similar database is MacAppetite’s GreenNexxus Green Tips (notice a trend?). The venerable Go Green is also a good free choice.

Green Tips! Sedona Software, Green Tips! – Free

GreenNexxus Green Tips MacAppetite, GreenNexxus Green Tips – Free

Go Green Webworks and Applications, Go Green – Free

One thing to be wary of though: all of these apps refer to very similar databases. And each is not for the true environmentalist; they are for newbies who still own cars and think nothing of plastic bags or running the tap for hours. These tips are very good for the beginner.

Piccies and more info after the gap:

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Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet in Review – Food groups, what’s that all about?

Do you want to lose weight? Do you spend hours every day carefully writing down what you ate? Do you forget stuff? Well, have we got an app for you! Have we? Introducing – Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet – the space age way designed to make tracking your daily diet just that bit easier.

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Textfree Unlimited – Send Text Messages (SMS) Free! in Review – The Beejive of SMS


A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade from a Sony Ericsson phone to an iPhone 3GS. While the extra $30 a month data plan won’t keep me out of college, the additional $20 unlimited texting plan just might. Thankfully, Textfree Unlimited is here to solve that problem, and for just a one time fee of $6, it’s a heck of a lot better than paying an extra $240 a year simply to text my friends.

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NexStudio’s Napkin Master – the safe way to impress her

napkin-master1Short-sighted customers will see simple serviette arrangements, but the truth is that NexStudio, the dev behind Napkin Master, are bloody philandering geniuses. With a few hours’ boning up on table etiquette, you too can flourish a fancy dinner table, or complement the powder-nosed waiter at an uppity restaurant on state of the joint’s Arum Lily arrangement. While the word choice may echo with swallowed sniggers, the usefulness of Napkin Master (guffaw!!!) surely goes far beyond simple place settings.

NexStudio, Napkin Master, 1.99$, 3.2 MB
Napkin Master

For more on Napkin Master, follow the gap.

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Wine Enthusiast Guide in Review – A personal sommelier in your pocket!


I love wine and simply can’t image my life without a glass of Cabernet after a hard day’s work. And the quality of wine matters so much. At the same time, I don’t earn enough to afford the really good stuff, so I often find myself wandering up and down the wine aisle at my local grocery store, trying to choose a bottle with a reasonable price/quality ratio. Well, MobilAge have provided Wine Enthusiast Guide (WEG) to help me and other poor sods like me.

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