Take a Virtual Tour of US Restaurants with Eats! for the iDevice

Not sure if that fancy looking resto in SoHo is worth your time and money? Spare yourself the hassle of looking in and walking out with EveryScape Eats!, an interesting new app for the iPhone and iPad which guides its hungry users in the Seattle, San Francisco and SoHo areas.

Eats does it differently by letting you take a virtual tour inside the restaurant, allowing you to ‘walk around’ and explore the interior. If you’re dining on a whim or a budget, there are filters the restaurants by price, location or rating.

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Gear up for Holiday Shopping with Price Check by Amazon

Just in time for Thanksgiving Weekend (and Black Friday Sales), Amazon has released Price Check, a handy little app that will make price comparisons on Amazon.com a breeze.

With Price Check by Amazon, you can use your iPhone to instantly compare prices with Amazon.com and its merchants while on-the-go. Price Check enables you to search Amazon products quickly using barcode, picture, voice, and text search. All prices are in US Dollars and search the Amazon US catalog. Compatible with iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 devices with auto-focus cameras and iOS 4 or greater.

Much like the popular barcode scanning app RedLaser, Price Check lets you “scan” a product’s UPC, which will then display the item in question, along with prices from other online retailers. Another neat feature that is not found on similar apps is the voice search. Simply say the name into the mic and Price Check will do all the heavy lifting. Amazon’s app is free to download, though you’ll need to have an iPhone 3GS/4 to take advantage of the barcode scanning.

Price Check by Amazon Amazon, Price Check by Amazon – Free

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Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere! in Review – This is what AirPlay grew out of…

Before I started writing for TMA, what I mostly used my iDevice during those hour long commutes was watching videos. Having a couple of hours a day to catch up on my favourite TV series and movies was certainly a much better alternative than staring at those poor sods sitting across from me. But one of the problems I constantly bumped into was content – converting videos was both a hassle and required a lot of laptop time and additional space. And let’s not forget that I still had to remember to upload the video files onto on my iPhone afterwards. If I only had Air Video then…

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Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep in Review – The world is just too much for you…

Every once in a while (but more and more lately), the hustle of the busy and stressful city life, and especially – work, starts getting to you. And in these moments you long for a quiet moment somewhere nice, preferably on a deserted beach with nothing but the calm rumble of the sea to draw your attention. Unfortunately most of you, like me, are stuck several thousand kilometers from such a magical place. The only place you can turn to are the various ambient nature sound collections, and among those, one of the best is Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep.

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Viper SmartStart – Start your car anywhere with an iPhone

Have you ever been jealous of folks with expensive cars who can lock, unlock and even start their rides remotely using their keys? We can’t all afford to buy the latest BMWs and while remotely activating your vehicle is far from a necessity (unless maybe you’re a getaway driver), it’s certainly an impressive application of modern technology and a bit of a status symbol.

So whilst hugely expensive modern cars may be out of a lot of people’s price range, smartphones are a much more affordable piece of technology and are increasingly prevalent in many parts of the world. If you own an iPhone, you can now enjoy showing off to your friends by starting your car anywhere with the Viper SmartStart application (note: SmartStart must also be installed in your vehicle for this to work).

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iDevice Vuvuzuelas for the 2010 World Cup win!

behold the bloody buzzing vuzuela

Last night’s Portugal/Côte d’Ivoire match may have disappointed patriot sports fans of both coastal countries, but it sparked my curiosity. Particularly quiet, the game’s 0:0 draw didn’t rend my eardrums in two. I wonder if its fans were using iVuzela instead of the real thing? If they were, God bless ’em!

iVuzela (Original Vuvuzela!) arktis.de, iVuzela, 0.99$

Fonts + Mail for iPad – 114 fonts for 99 cents

Yikes! If you’re sick and tired of the paltry selection of fonts for the iPad, Yi LV may be able to help. No fewer than 114 fonts will raid your iPad’s mail app in exchange for your dearly partied 99 pennies. Unlike some native apps, Fonts + Mail for iPad gives a decent preview of each font so you don’t blindly change into important mails.

Palm Heroes YI LV, Fonts + Mail for iPad – $0.99

Screenies and more after the gap:

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Glamour Ask A Stylist – for those ‘stripes or plaid?’ moments

If you are still unsure how to get dressed in the morning (cue FaithlessShe’s My Baby), Glamour and Like.com have an app that’ll help you clue in. Evidently, a number of full-time stylists are waiting in the wings to help you get a clue. Thankfully, their time is cheap and the app is free. WSJ has a cute plus/minus look at the app which may get me into iPhone fashion shape.

Glamour Ask A Stylist Like.com, Glamour Ask A Stylist – Free

Mixologist: Drink Recipes in Review – Vodka-Martini – shaken, not stirred! + Promo Codes

Note: We have 20 25 promo codes to giveaway for Mixologist. Simply leave a comment in our review to receive your free copy!! (1st 25 will snag a code)

I love alcohol in all of its varieties and am not afraid to say so. What could be better than a glass of fine red wine after a hard day’s work? But every once in a while I have a craving for something special. And in these times I turn to one of my books with cocktail recipes. Or recently, to my iPhone and the excellent app – Mixologist: Drink Recipes.

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Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Converter and Cookbook Released for iPhone

Bartlett, Illinois – Finding recipes is easier than ever with the popularity of cooking channels, online sources, clubs, and celebrity chefs. However, people often find themselves wanting to make the latest recipe for a different number of guests. Serving Sizer Pro meets this need by easily scaling entire recipes from one serving size to another without having to think about fraction math and saves the recipe to resize again later.

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