Why iSheep are better than LemmingS

Apple are evil. Apple suck. Apple make rubbish sh*t. They can’t research. They can’t build. And most of all, they can’t make good-sounding devices. That is because they rely on a stupid, baa baa customer base of fools whose brains are mush, whose limbs are mutton, and who walk on cloven feet. Apple cater to iSheep, the brand of humanoid who buys up any new crap from Apple, just because it is an Apple product. And iSheep deserve nothing less than contempt, or better yet: the lynch mob.

Urban Dictionary has a good pragmatic use of the word, ‘iSheep’.

Person 1: “Look at Kate with her new iPod nano.”

Person 2: “But she only just got a new iPod a few months ago.”

Person 1: “But now the iPod nano is the newest thing, so that old iPod is obsolete!”

Person 2: “What an iSheep.”

But, if iSheep suck, LemmingS (Sansa Lemmings) are worse: their bowels are moved sick by Apple, spraying out shi*ty lies, succumbing to hate-based marketing, and worst of all – shunning the use of their brains in order to belong to an elitist niche.

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