Freebie Alert: Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Legendary Wars is celebrating its one million downloads milestone and has dropped to free this weekend for both the iPhone and iPad. Offering gamers a variety of gameplay modes, Legendary Wars combines a number of genres to give it a blend of Action/Strategy/RPG. A favourite of ChiffaN’s, he gave the game a Kiss It rating in his review:

Whether you’re a fan of the genre or are just looking for an interesting game to try it out, Legendary Wars certainly is a title worthy of attention. With a boatload of features, both borrowed from other successful titles and dreamed up anew, it is definitely the current crowning jewel of the Action/Strategy subgenre on the App Store and a worthy addition to anyone’s app collection.

The game comes as separate downloads for the iPhone and iPad, so make sure you grab the appropriate links below (i.e. no need to be playing the iPhone version on your iPad!).

Legendary Wars Liv Games, Legendary Wars (TMA Review), 176 MB – Free
Legendary Wars HD Liv Games, Legendary Wars HD, 139 MB – Free

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Legendary Wars in Review – A legend remains victorious in spite of history

Casual games rule the App Store and it sure didn’t take long for them to invade one of the most popular genres for hardcore gamers – Strategy Games. This subgenre blending aspects of strategy and action first originated in the explosion of various office time-killers (aka Flash games) and finally found its way onto the iOS. And what’s more, it was given quite a warm welcome by the iPhone community, with some of the titles finding their way into the top of the charts. The latest such entry to emerge from the crowd is Legendary Wars, uniting all the best aspects of the many predecessors and bringing some new features of its own.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Jan. 24 – 30]

The New Year’s parties are finally over!  There basically hasn’t been an outstanding week of new releases since Christmas, but this past week was pretty nice.  Of course the big news was Dead Space (TMA Review), and while I don’t always get to try the top contenders right away, I’ve been able to sink my mitts into this particular one.  I like it – a lot.  Nostalgia buffs should check out Pac-Man Battle Royale, which supports up to 4 pac-men at once and lets you eat both ghosts AND your opponents when you swallow the power pill.  Zombie Café takes the typical restaurant simulation to low places, and if you’re not careful the staff just might eat the patrons.  Finally, horror / adventure game fans finally get the chance to dig deeper into the mystery of Project H with Hysteria Project 2 (TMA Review), but be warned – you might be left with even more questions this time around.

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