Android Games Roundup [4/29/20]


It seems like the harder I try to get a roundup out these days the longer it takes me.  You’d think it would be an easy thing with only 7 entries per article, but it still takes time to play the games, and for that matter to find the games I want to write about in the first place.  And, it seems that as I get older the responsibilities get more numerous instead of less.  But, that’s enough whining on my part.  Now if you actually choose to count the entries you’ll note that there are only six this time around.  Unfortunately, one of the games I selected to write about is no longer available on either the App Store or Google Play, so rather than delaying this even more to stuff something in its place I opted to crop the entry and release the roundup as-is.  I’ll try to stick an extra one in next time to make up the difference.
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