Apple VS HTC VS Google – patents gavelled over in new lawsuit

The iPhone is the template for the modern smartphone. Its UI, App Store, and looks each have spawned dozens of look, act, and sell-alikes. But that may be the problem. Apple patented many aspects of its UI and from yesterday, have embroiled themselves in a battle with HTC (and by analogue, Google) in an effort to protect their innovations. If they can successfully defend their patents, it will be a major win for Apple, but also for software lawsuits in general which have never faired as well in debating the finer points of design and intellectual property.

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Apple Hit by another suit – this time, Samsung are in the bag


As if producing the most successful line of DAP (digital audio players) wasn’t enough, Apple find it necessary to chase nail-biting lawsuits left and right. This time, the lucky company have been insinuated in a steamy conspiracy bolstered the notorious crime syndicate led by the following: Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Suwon, Dell, Transcend, and RIM – each companies who use Samsung’s memory chips. The suspects are charged with 2009’s hand-in-the-cookie-jar crime: ripping off BTG International, Inc. memory designs. I’ve just got to side with BTG without whom, we would be stuck with 32MB iPods and 64MB ram in our computers.

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