South Korean iPhone – the last shackle undone?


And that as they say, is that. Ostensibly, the iPhone could be ready for sale by November in the staunchly xenophobic Korean market. Until earlier this year, Samsung and LG’s politicians kept the nation closed to their high-tech, cheaply-made, terrible phones using a variety of coercive measures. But in a shifting of the rules on 23 September, the iPhone and many other mobile phones may get a piece of this saturated market as the last shackle fell away: foreign-GPS wielding phones too, many enter the country.

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EnGIS’ 3D iPhone Navigation software outted


Details are sketchy still, but EnGIS, a Seoul-based designer of premium navigation software have hinted that their navigation software will be coming to the iPhone. While a few excellent navigation apps exist, EnGIS’ technology stands apart by drawing the landscape including buildings, and even sky!

Pricing, time of availability and many other details are yet undisclosed, especially in Korea where the iPhone’s debut is still cast in sallow light.

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Interview with Gamevil’s Eusoon Han of Global Marketing


Yes, it really is that green. Thanks guys!

Gamevil, a virtual mogul in the Korean mobile gaming arena, service three Korean carriers and boast an award-winning library with over 50 games. Yet, despite their size and influence, the software company is at heart, a group of friends. They geek out at lunch with PS3 tourneys of Winning Eleven, strategise over Crispy Creme at work, and at the end of the day, enjoy pints at the pub. It’s no wonder Gamevil could carry off the successful introduction of two high-profile games: Zenonia and Baseball Superstars 2009 and so quickly establish firm grounding on the iPhone’s turf. Despite the near gobsmacking success, I was quickly assured that the best is yet to come.

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