Space Food Truck – Help One Man Left Realize Their Portable Vending Desires


The developers of the awesome “dodge ‘em all” series Tilt To Live and the free-to-play strategy game Outwitters are at it again.  This time they’re taking on the galaxy with Space Food Truck, a quirky combination of Star Trek and Diner Rush.  Okay, it’s really not like either of those things, but I bet that got your attention.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to scour the galaxy for the perfect ingredients to make the best dishes to serve all your clients.  It will take the combined efforts of all four of your crew members, which can conveniently be controlled by multiple players.  You can play the game solo, but the optimal configuration is to have one person control each crew member.  The game is conceptually complete, but the good folks at One Man Left Studios are coming to Kickstarter for your help. Continue reading…

Swipe to Kill: Designing An HTML5 Mobile Game


Fancy yourself a game developer, but don’t know where to start?  Looking for development tools with little monetary overhead that support multiple mobile platforms?  Do you like match 3 / RPG style games?  Gregory Ellis might just have the solution for you… if you’re willing to help give his project a bit of a Kickstart!  The name of the game is Swipe To Kill, and the goal behind the project is for the developer to provide a complete tutorial along with fully documented source code so you can develop your own game of this style in no time flat.  Since the format of choice is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript there’s nothing to buy unless you want a special editor that supports the syntax for these common web development paradigms, and you could probably even find a few of those for free as well.  To find out what you can do to support this developer’s aspirations check out the Kickstarter page here: Swipe to Kill: HTML5 Mobile Game & Development Tutorial.

New MirrorCase for iPad Launches on Kickstarter, Provides More Usability

MirrorCase - iPad top

Last week MirrorCase announced its iPad case on Kickstarter with a splash, raising about 75 percent of their goal in the project’s first week. Already available for iPhone 4, the MirrorCase case design uses a high-quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, allowing users to capture images and video from a more natural angle.

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Snappgrip turns your iPhone into a point and shoot camera


The Gizmon iCa iPhone camera case is downright awesome. But what if you want a more hefty grip so that your iPhone literally feels more like a real digital point and shoot camera? Enter the Snappgrip, a cool bluetooth enabled case/controller that just started its Kickstarter campaign moments ago.

snappgrip provides camera controls for smartphones. The snappgrip controller mounts to a protective phone case so that you can conveniently attach it when you want to use your handset for some serious photography.

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ORA turns your iPad into 8 Speaker Sound System

Watching movies on the iPad can be an enjoyable experience no doubt – just so long as you’re not relying on its terrible speakers. Even the ones on the iPad mini sound significantly better, thanks to the stereo speakers onboard. So how do you create the perfect accessory that makes the film sound great on-the-go AND not require you to carry around separate peripherals (i.e bluetooth speakers)? Enter ORA, a unique case that literally puts 8 speakers around your iPad, delivering 5 times the loudness you’re accustomed to hearing.

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The Smarter Stand for iPad makes your Smart Cover/Case more versatile

If you love using the Smart Cover with your iPad, but hate how there are only two rather limiting viewing angles, here’s a Kickstarter project you’ll want to back. Created by app developer Dotan Saguy, this mighty simple gizmo’s called the Smarter Stand for iPad and it’s essentially a clip that slides into the side of the Smart Cover in order to “lock” the folding points in place. So if you were to place the Smart Stand at the first fold, the iPad will be held up at a 33 degree angle; at the second fold, it turns into a 45 degree stand. In case you’re wondering, the clips even work on the recently released Apple Smart Case. To help stop the iPad from slipping, a polyurethane pad that sticks to the base of the tablet is also included (not required for the Smart Case as the neoprene of the back cover provides sufficient grip).

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twig, a Multi-Talented Cable for the iPhone

Meet twig, a highly unique iPhone cable designed by 3D PRODUCT, a product development company located in Portland, Oregon. Unlike Apple’s standard USB cable, twig is only 4 inches (102mm) long and made with 3 bendable legs that give it added versatility. With an iPhone docked, the legs can be bent to create a make-shift tripod, great for snapping photos or hands-free FaceTime sessions. It can also be be used as a wall charger, made to wrap around various objects and even as an earbud cord wrap. The twig is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano and comes with a variety of colours (8). This Kickstarter project needs to meet its goal of $50,000 and after 2 days, it’s already at nearly $28,000. For a pledge of $18 (the early bird special), you’ll get a black twig, while with $20 pledge, you can pick from a color of your choice.  Check out the video below of how the final design for twig came to be.

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The gTar uses the iPhone to teach you how to Jam

gTar - Guitar made for iPhoneIf you’ve just started out learning how to play the guitar (or it’s something you’ve always wanted to do), this Kickstarter project is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Dubbed the gTar, this Digital Guitar was designed to work in unison with your iPhone, teaching you how to play songs with a fretboard that lights up. It’s similar in concept to the Fretlight Guitar, but now with the added convenience of having the notes and songs imported over from the iPhone and gTar app. Here’s how it works:

While most guitars have pickups to amplify the sound of vibrating strings, the gTar has none – instead, we’ve designed the gTar with sensors that detect exactly what you’re playing in real-time and relay each note to your iPhone, which then produces the actual sound.

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SlingShot gives your iPhone better video stabilization for under $20

Fancy yourself as an i-videographer? Well, this Kickstarter project should go on your list of must-have accessories while shooting those critical scenes. Created by professional photographer and design engineer Charles Waugh, the SlingShot’s a video stabilization gizmo that not only works with the iPhone, but a whole range of smartphones as well. Made with industrial grade acetal resin, the unique cradle can stretch out and securely grip even the Samsung Galaxy Note (a whooping 5.3″ screen). A ball-mount lets you swivel your device and the handle hides a set of legs that’ll turn it into a handy table-top tripod (the cradle can also be removed and mounted onto any standard tripod).

The project has currently reached nearly $10,000 of its of goal of $20,000, with 41 days to go. A pledge of only $14 and you’ll receive the SlingShot with free shipping in the US (international orders add $10). Check out the video and production description below.

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