Space Trader in Review: Light Years of Potential

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Elite broke ground and Privateer sunk its teeth deep into the pockets of Space Trader fans around the world, but for the younger gamer, Freelancer and the X series will probably be familiar trader landmarks. Kechbs Software‘s Space Trader is the first of the genre to explore the App Store.

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Space Trader Promo Code Giveaway!



TouchMyApps has 8 promo codes to giveaway for what could very well be the first space trading sim game to land at the App Store.

This game is like many other trade simulated games. You must buy low and sell high. Making money is the root of this game! There is virtually unlimited upgrades!!! You will need attack and defend points like many RPG games, to have successful battles with enemy ships. Battles occur when traveling between planets. When your space ship crosses with another ship, you will have to choose wether to battle or run!

Our very own shigzeo will be putting Space Trader through its paces and have a review out in the next little while, so stay tuned! In the meantime, to win 1 of 8 codes , simply submit a comment and tell us what some of your favorite ‘sim’ type games are of all time (doesn’t have to be space themed). Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close March 18th @ 11pm EST. Good Luck!

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