iPhone in Korea – Jesus on the 28th?


Image from iPhoneinKorea blog

While unofficially dubbed ‘next months’s phone’ here in Korea, the iPhone may actually debut next month. Everyone has their doubts as to whether KT will be able to pull their pants up and sell the phone before this year rolls to an end, but according to the JoongAng Daily, the ‘last’ hurdle has been cleared for the coming of our Lord: the Korea Communication Commission have officially approved Apple’s iconic (there is a pun in there too) for sale here.

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Korean wireless internet fees to tumble 20%


Fair enough: Korean handset internet is almost unusable on the antiquated mobile browsers in this country, but that hasn’t stopped wireless carriers from taking customer’s texting fingers in the deal. Among 15 countries including UK, Canada, and the USA, Korea has the highest fees. But, that is all set to change by the end of this year in a move to lower usage costs by 20%.

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