Karnival updated – Openfeinted + lots of new features

When I reviewed Karnival some time back it really impressed me. And just a couple of days ago they released an update. Well, what can I say? The devs must’ve done a thorough study of my review since almost all of my noted cons have been addressed. Even more – now you can even ride your own rides! Anyway, if you’re a fan of Tycoon games – you just have to pick up Karnival, if you haven’t done so already. The full list of What’s New is after the gap.

Karnival Hands-On Mobile, Karnival – $3.99

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Karnival in Review – The circus is back in town!


Don’t you just love the circus? I do, at least I did when I was a kid. I haven’t been to one in ages, but it seems that Hands-On Mobile have just given me chance to feel like a little kid again. Karnival puts you in charge of running your own travelling circus, complete with everything from rides and shops to freaks. Want to know how it feels like to run your own little travelling kingdom of fun? Well, read on!

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