JotAgent updated with Evernote support

JotAgent, a simple and highly efficient note taking app that syncs with Dropbox, has just received a 2.0 update and added several new features that includes an interface redesign and more importantly, support for Evernote. For those who wish to quickly jot down notes and ideas, users can begin typing into JotAgent as soon as the app’s opened and a tap on the save button will now instantly sync them with Dropbox and/or Evernote. The update has also added an optional offline queue mode, where notes are saved until the iDevice connects to the internet once again. If simplicity, speed and Dropbox/Evernote syncing are required for your note taking needs, the universal JotAgent app works as advertised and is very affordable at only $0.99.

JotAgent ~ quick notes for Dropbox & Evernote Francisco Cantu, JotAgent  – $0.99

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