Ricky Gervais gets an iPad 2 from Jony Ive, yeah!

Crazy how the world’s worst boss still receives tribute from the rich and famous, though admittedly, a gift from Ive (an iPad 2) ain’t quite centre stage at the Golden Globes. Gervais got another gift that day, signed boxing gloves from Mike Tyson (remember him?). Evidently, the old biter wants to get on Gervais’ show.

I’ve bought tickets, have you? What’s cringeworthy is that the world is queueing for these things, international iPad 2 orders backed up by 2-3 weeks, and all Gervais can say is: “it’s a work of art”. Come on mate, people are starving in Apple Store queues around the world!

Thanks Culf of Mac via RickyGervais.com