Perfect Angle in Review – Not Quite, But Almost


Ever have one of those experiences where you know a game is great, but you wish that either the developers had done one or two things slightly differently or that you simply could play the game under better circumstances?  Perfect Angle is just such a game for me.  When a game’s opening screen is itself a puzzle (albeit in this case a very simple one that they give you ample leeway to solve), you’re in for something special.  Unfortunately for me new technology far outpaces my budget right now, and my ailing iPad 2 does not handle the processing requirements of the graphics very well.  Combine that with the limited number of helps you get before having to shell out some cash to buy more and this becomes a journey that I sadly probably won’t see through to the end.  However, if you have a newer device and are reasonably astute at solving optical puzzles, you’d be remiss in not giving this game a try.
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Time Geeks: Find All! in Review – I Knew I Was A Geek

I think Where’s Waldo was probably the original hidden object game, except that you only had one object to find.  Since the developers labeled Time Geeks as a “seek & find” I was expecting something more like what you’d download from these bargain software internet web sites, but it turns out the game pays a nice homage to the spirit of Waldo instead.  In fact, I think it’s more fun than any Where’s Waldo type game I’ve played in the past.  Of course that could have a lot to do with the visuals, but that will come in due time.

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iDaze 9000 v1.2 for iPhone OS – Fun Delayed Audio Feedback Effect

Barcelona, Spain – Ivanovich Games today is pleased to announce the release of iDaze 9000 v1.2, an update to their hilarious audio feedback application for iPhone and iPod touch devices. iDaze 9000 uses advanced digital audio algorithms to create a gap between speaking, and then hearing it. Known as Delayed Audio Feedback, this effect can be so confusing that the speaker becomes dazed. iDaze 9000 will create waves of laughter as a friend attempts to recite the multiplication tables while his speech is reduced to gibberish.

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